FAO Ellie's Mummy

hey lovely

any news yet? did you test again?



  • hey hun yea i did but BFN! i am 13dpo today! so would have thought it would have shown up by now!! feel abit gutted! next month iv sworn to myself im not testing early!!!! how are you???xxxxx
  • oh poo!!! when is af due? i really hope it doesnt show tomorrow, i really wanted you in DIA with me!
    if its not your month this month then i know next month will be.
    we did it in month 2 and i bet you do too, thats if you havent already got a little bean in there hiding!

    im ok thanks, bit tired and i cant stop eating!
    not really got an pg symptoms, but im only 4 + 3 so i wouldnt really expect anything yet.
    did another test this morning just to check for the 7th time and got a nice strong line straight away. am just trying to take it one day at a time tbh, i know a lot can happen in these first few weeks and im just trying to keep level headed.

    i really am thinking of you and hope you get your BFP soon xxxx

  • tahnk you hun that means sooo much! its hubbys birthdat tomoz and am gutted i wont be ble to give him the presents i wanted to!! will do another in the morning but not getting my hopes up!! af due friday!! will be 13 dpo 2moz sorry counted wrong forgot what date it is!! i am sooo gutted!! hate this waiting id rather af just show and put me out of my missery!!!xxxx
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