CBFM Question

Hi Ladies,

I'm pretty sure this has been asked before but I can't remember the answer or find the post :lol: so sorry in advance image

This was my first month using it so I started POAS CD6 got my peaks CD17&CD18, high CD19 and low CD20 (today)...

Do I need to keep switching it on every morning and POAS if/when it asks me to? I'd rather just put it away and not get it out unless AF arrives so I can set it to the new cycle but not sure if I am okay to do that? :\?

Sorry again I can't find the previous post... Thanks xx


  • Hi BroodyBeth,

    When I used my CBFM (which was only 1 month) I didn't use it again once I had my low after my peak, as I knew I would only get lows. Also, I didn't have to keep seeing it tell me that AF was due.

  • Hi BB,

    Wow you OV'ed same CD as me!!!

    All i did was when i got my low i put it in the cupboard and didnt even think about it. About a week later i realised that i hadnt turned it on but it was still clocking up my days then on CD29 the M started flashing which meant i had to push the M when AF arrived.

    I wouldn't bother weeing on it because you have had your peak etc and i always didnt POAS on the day after my first peak because the CBFM is set to give you a second peak and then a high and a low so after that first peak the machine does its own thing

  • Thanks Ladies.

    I thought that would be the case. I thought it was supposed to do 2peaks a high and a low but thought I would still POAS the first month just to make sure I got it :lol: x
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