anyone been on depo injection?

hi all, i was on the depo injection from the age of 16-19. (im now 21) when i was 19 i went onto the pill (microgynon 30ed) and im having really random af's and i dont think im oving, i have been on the pil for 2 yrs, but im wondering if this random af'ing is becoz of the depo injection. has anyone else been on this and had similar problems after coming off it? i ahev been ttc 7 months and still no luck and no real cycle? im confused xxx


  • hello mrs *me* congrats on your wedding image

    I am g/c but i was on the depo when i got preg with my 1st i was on it from the time i turned 16 till i started ttc in dec 2005(aged 21) i got my BFP the same month as my depo jab was due image

    After my son i was on the pill but after forgetting it a few times i went and had a depo jab and i only had one before ttc but it mesed me up major and i didn't have AF for 92days then for over a year my af was so messed up my af only just became regular when i got my bfp i was ttc for 20 months.....

    Hope you get your BFP very soon x
    gembags x
  • omgosh thanks gembags and kmrose that madnesss! i would NOT recommend the depo injection to anyone! cant wait til things get sorted!
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