Can anyone help.

My husband I have been trying to conceive out first child for 9 months now. I came off the contraceptive pill in Feb 09 so I have not been on the pill for a year now. About 5/6 days before my period is due I start to get brown discharge which starts off quite light in colour and consistency but becomes alot darker and thicker the closer I get to my period due date. This has been happening since coming off the pill and it is causing me some concern as I do not know what is causing it and if it is the reason why we have not yet successfully conceived. I have had blood tests carried out to check for hormone imbalances however they have all come back normal. Does anyone else get this and is it normal?????? If anyone has experienced this have you gone on to conceive naturally and if so did the discharge still appear before you got your bfp????


  • Hi there

    I have experienced this, getting brown spotting at around 9 dpo, and then AF arrives at 11 or 12 dpo.

    It can suggest a luteal phase defect, and in my case I was prescribed progesterone supplements (taken as pessaries) for 14 days after OV. This did result in a longer luteal phase, and the spotting stopped completely. It didn't sadly result in a BFP for us, but that is down to other issues, and we are doing IVF. There are stories of people on the board with short luteal phases getting their BFP. Best of luck!
  • Hi Mrs D
    Thanks so much for your reply, Ive been thinking it was a luteal phase defect for some time however every time I suggest it to the doctor they say what im experiencing is normal???!!! Im going back to Drs on Tues will try and approach subject again. Thanks again x
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