O NO! (warning tmi!)

O NO! im sooo upset! had my AF a couple of days ago, and hadnt had any bleeding since last night so i thought it had slowed down lol..... put a panty liner in this morning, just went to the loo, and i completley overflowed my pantyliner image so now my nice white silky panties are ruined! dam AF lol.

told ya it was tmi! *giggles* thought i would share that with u guys as im quite upset about it! lol



  • Dont you just hate it when that happens! A perfectly lovely pair of undercrackers ruined because of that bloody witch! (no pun intended there)

    Well good excuse for you to go and buy a whole new set, especially for when you ahem you know what! he he xx
  • hahaha good plan Jay78! how conveiniant that im in town tommorow aswell! lol xxx
  • o no! ok littlewolf u defo win that one! sofa is way more expensive accident than panties! omg i would of cried aswell! xxx
  • Oh no *cringe* did she say anything? x
  • Oh poor you *me*...nothing better than buying nice new undies though!!

    Littlewolf!! What did she say? What did you do?? OMG! lol
  • o no! the shame! lol poor u! xxxxxx
  • Oh I would have died! I would have refused to stand-up until everyone had left the room. rofl. However - you lived to tell the tale!

  • ah thats good of her to lend you some stuff. Still embarrasing though! lol x
  • I love your way of thinking Jay!

    Littlewolf - you poor poor thing. That must have been horrible. I remember when I 1st came "on" at junior school (early starter) I had no idea really what was going on and stained my dress at the back and all the kids were laughing at me. I feel your pain xx
  • ok i havent got a leakage story but i have got a rather embarassing "shart" story to tell. (this was many years ago though)
    Well i was driving my sister and her hubby to the airport as they were going on holiday when i started to feel like i needed to do a blow off. I kept it in because i didnt want to do it in the car (unfortunately mine absolutely reek and as we were in a car with no way to get out didnt want to have it stinkin all the way to the airport). We finally got to the airport where i dropped my sister and hubby off. Then i was just getting back onto the motorway and let it out..........OMG that wasnt the only thing that came out!! It was horrible and i had to sit in it all the way home. Then when i eventually did get home had to somehow make it from the car into the house without being seen and without it dribbling down my leg (yes it was a runny one). Thank god i did manage to get into the house without anyone seeing me but can you imagine the embarrasment if someone had!

    Cant believe ive just told that story but oh well this is a forum for sharing isnt it!!" he he xx
  • OMG! hahahahaa great shart story jay78! lol o no beckywoo! poor u! hehehe funny thread! xxxxxxx
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