Am I about to ovulate? :\)


I used a OPK yesterday and it was neg, I went to the toilet and noticed creamy stretchy cm so I thought Id do another OPK. I wasnt gonna do another till the weekend, Well this time its almost the same shade as the control line, So could I get a pos tomorrow do you think? Should we BD tonight or wait till tomorrow?
I was thinking of BDing tonight and tomorrow but I know its better to do it every other day so it might be too much. What do you think? image

Cycle Day: 11
Cm: Stretchy and Creamy
Cervix: High, Soft and Open

Am I about to ovulate? maybe in 2 days time if i get a definate pos tomorrow?



  • Sounds good to me, I think I would BD today as well if I was you just in case! Good luck xx
  • Agree get BDingimage xx
  • I would be inclined to do it both nights. Thats what the sperm meets egg plan recomends. Good luck xx
  • Hi MPP get BDing now hun.

    Good luck xx
  • Ok thats it! decision made. :lol: Although hubby is going out tonight I think we will have to BD before he goes out , He will come home absolutely plastered and then it will take ages coz of the alcohol! so i me thinks we shall BD earlier :lol:

    Hubby makes me laugh, He said hes not very horny at the minute, Im not surprised! hes playing on COD on the xbox and killing people isnt exactly gonna get anyone feeling abit horny in the slighest. :lol:

    Thanks for the advice, I hope i get the little bugger this month! image

  • Fingers crossed for you hun also on the SMEP it says to BD every day for 3 days, miss a day and then BD again!

  • I'd go for it tonight, and the next couple of days too! Good luck xxx
  • Ok well hubby was about to go out so we just Bd'd. image.
    It was quite funny, he was getting ready to go out while i had my legs in the air and i was getting abit bored just laying there and i was trying to get my mp3 player image, so there i was rolling about on the bed with my legs in the air trying to get it as it was on my bedside cabinet, it was so funny :lol:

    Im dieing for the loo and wanted to ask whether its a myth that we have to hold onto to our urine after intercourse?
    Does it make any difference? even if you had your legs in the air?

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