I'm Back!

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been on at all for a while as my mum came over to visit me. I did log on a few times and even got her slightly addicted. I had a lovely time with her and it gave me a much needed distraction from ttc, even forgetting to take my vits etc, LOL. We only BD'd once whilst she was here and no idea about O as no EWCM. Going to increase the dosage this next month. I'm on CD31 today, shortest of 30 days and last month 39 so trying to stay chilled. Have my friend over at the end of the month so looking forward to that but hopefully will keep up with BD'ing next time.

Congratulations to all the BFP's I missed, there have been loads, I want one more than ever so hoping that af goes on holiday!


  • hi porky

    good to see you back, and glad you had a good time with your mum!!

    thanks for the reply to my thread it does help to know i'm not alone with messed up cycles!!

    decided i'm going to try and stop counting and just wait till af turns up, we've got Bruce Springsteen concert in June so going to just relax and enjoy time with oh and try not to think about the fact that af is awol!!

    thanks again & good luck hope you get your BFP soon!!!
  • Stopping the counting sounds good if you can do it. It was easy when my mum was here but now I'm back to 'normal' life then I've done nothing but think ttc. Here's hoping we can both get BFP's soon, would love to have you as my bump buddy x Goodluck hun and focus on your time with your oh and your plans.
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