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CD1 Hooray!! She's here at last!!!

FINALLY my first af after coming off pill. Its not as long as some of the girls but 76 days was quite long enough. Now we can start trying properly!!! Hooray for af she can stay with me for the next few days and keep away from the rest of you!


  • Congrats! I've never seen anyone so pleased to have a visit before! Let's hope you have your BFP very soon. x x x
  • congratulations - i hope you get bfp and she stays away for 9 months image

  • Thats great news, hope you get even better news with a BFP really soon!!!

    Caroline xxx :\)
  • Woohoo - she had finally been nice!! lol xx Glad you can start trying properly and hopefully won't be too long before you get BFP!!
  • Yay, hurrah she finally arrived!!! 76 days is definitely long enough to have to wait!!! Great that she turned up and fingers crossed for you that your next one is sooner or better still... non-existant!!!
  • Yay honey!! at Last!!!! ur song obviousley worked and bought af to ur door.

    *lilac runs off singing* flow baby flow....
  • Thats really great news babe i know I felt happy after I got my first af as well as at least it means you can start trying nowimage

    Well done and here is hoping you will get BFP very soon image

    K xx

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