Saliva ovulation testing ?

hi there not posted for a while but wondered if anyone has used these kinds of tests? im on cd 1 AGAIN!!!af just found me after 65 days ive seen these tests on ebay and also boots sell therm apparently you test your saliva and use the little microscope to check for a ferrn like pattern which happens when we ovulate i dont no weather to try it or not any advice would be great thanks xx


  • hello,cant really give you any advice but i bought one when i was trying the first time,i bought it from accessdiagnostics and i kept trying and it didnt do anything then i found out i was pregnant,so thats why it didnt work,ive got it out again cos i wanna try it again but i cant remember how long it is for you not to have any fluids before you test,sorry not much help :lol:

  • thanks for the reply i might give it a try think id try anything at the minute as i have a feeling that time is running out for me xx
  • Hi, I tried one of these. It did show different patterns in saliva at different times in cycle, but Im not sure it helped really as it still took 9mths, and after 5mths of using the microscope I got fed up with it and stopped! It does show a pattern tho, so if you use it with other methods it might improve your chances? Good luck x
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