Babyname Websites

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering what websites you all browse thru for name inspiration?
I'm not even pregnant yet but love babies and love lists so babyname lists is something I find myself doing when there's nothing on TV - LOL I need to get out more!! xx image


  • ha ha I do that!!!

    Dont have any particular websites I like to find out the meaning of names!!

    I obviously need to get out more too!! x
  • I like to know the meaning of names, but i have mine all sorted out.

    My little girl WILL be called Poppy.

    But we have lots of ideas for boys.

    I like:

    Greig (well, hubby does but i like Greggor)
    Micheal (i love history and one of my heros is a Michael)
    James (see above!!)

    x x x
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