Good bye for a few weeks...

Hello everyone - hope you had good weekends.

Saying farewell for a while because I'm off on holiday next week and also I think I've become a bit too obsessed recently with the whole ttc thing, and too much speculation is sending me doolally! As well as becoming a POAS addict, I'm a BE addict too - I need to sort myself out by going cold turkey for a bit...

Lots of sticky baby dust to everyone and congratulations to those with BFPs. I'll see how you're all getting on after my break. See you soon!



  • have a great time flush the break will do you good and you will feel all refreshed xxx take care xxxx
  • Hope you have a great time away Flush, make sure you enjoy yourself and perhaps with less time to think you never know it just might happen when you don't expect it!
    Take care,
    Lulubell xx
  • have a good holiday and i hope that when you come back on BE you will do so with a BFP image
    good luck and lots of PMA xxx
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