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I know we shouldn't but...

...but how many of us have sympton spotting today?

I'm up about 5 at the the moment on 9dpo:

General queasiness
Tiny cramps, big cramps
tired legs
trumping ALOT



  • Me! I have been terrible today!
    My boobs are sore though but that's about it.
  • I was starting to think I was the only person passing LOADS of wind its that bad I could pass for a man lol x
  • Is that a sign then? Ooo, new to all this. Will look out for that one image
  • I know! I've been giving the hubby a run for his money with the trumping, at least mine don't smell though!!
  • mine dont smell either but my 5year old thinks its realy funny and rolls around with laughin. Is it pregnancy simp? as Ive done a test as due af today but got sign of her but this wind is driving me nuts its so embarissin
  • No idea if it a sympton or not, but it is totally not usual for me.
  • lol im 8dpo and im in the same boat. My boobs are so sore I have had killer cramps since 3 dpo, iv gt lots of creamy cm (TMI ALERT) my temperatures have been elevated for the last 8 days since ov, im tired, got a sore back lol the list goes on!
  • Ooo, all sounds promising! Good luck to you all!
    I want more than sore boobs now!
    Are all of you just trying or anyone using charts/ov sticks etc? Only in month 3 and this is all so new to me image
  • i'm 8dpo well sore boobs. never had this before so early....not due on til week 2mw either....tmi alert.......thick almost yellowy cm...urgh...n tired as hell, had a massive nose bleed the other day too
    god this ttc is hard work
  • I'm trying for my first and am coming to the end of month 5 (very frustrating!!) At the mo' we're not charting, but we are using the CB ov sticks that give you an encouraging happy face as a cue to getting it on!!
    If it doesn't happen next week for us, I'm thinking of going to see the Dr as my DH's dad had testicular cancer (lost one testicle), and am I concerned whether this may have had an impact on him.
    Lots to think about!

  • Yes, plenty PMA! Good luck with that tetburychick . Might make you feel more at ease after speaking to the doc.
    Really hope all us girlies will be in the November forum soon then!
  • this is my third but havein to realy try this time round had mc in december and now its driving me nuts I normaly fall pregnant with out haveing to think about it but now I'm havein to work out when I ovulate. If I dont get a bfp this month I will be on to month 5.
    I think Im imaganin my symptoms but there are so many

    sore boobs, thick discharge, the wind problem,back and neck ache loss bowls the list can go on
    starting to think I'm a hypocondreact lolx
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