Broodyness scale.

On a broodyness scale of 1 - 10 (1 being 'pah to babies' and 10 being 'fit to burst') how many are you?

A couple of days ago I would have put myself at 11, as my friend and her incredibly smiley 3 month old had just come to visit.

Now I would say I was about an 8, trying to contain my excitement cos we start smeping tomorrow!


  • Ok, now don't judge me, but I have to admit to lacking in the broodyness department. I have never really been a baby person and try to avoid strangers babies if possible (used to be cabin crew and I'd always pick up the mum's bags so that she wouldn't ask me to carry the baby!), but I like my friends' babies and I am really excited about having my own (want one NOW!) but I don't look at them in the street and go all gooey, unlike my hubby! :roll:
    That makes me sound really awful doesn't it?
  • Definately a 10 I have been cooing over babies and kids all weekend am testing tomorrow as af due and still no sign so wish me luck.

  • I am def a 10 image

    I have a 5 month old niece who I see every couple of days and she keeps my broodyness well topped up :lol: And I've spent all day with her today so I'm at my peak :lol:

    It's great when all I have to do is say Hello Beautiful and she gives me a massive smile, I love it!! Ooooh I could burst with broddyness right now!!
  • I am definitely a 10 as well - and I cannot hide it ever, I even get all gooey over complete strangers children in supermarkets :lol:

    E x
  • depending on how im feeling it ranges from 8-10 but at the mo im oving and getting ready for 2ww so its a mega 10
  • I'm an 11!!! Still completely obsessed and want my own child so so much x x
  • I am probably about a 15! I have been broody for longer than i can remember, i can only think i take after my Grandma who adores children.
    Whenever i see a baby i get a funny feeling in my tummy, kind of like butterflies, and i go all gooey and can't help but smile at them. I love them new born too, whereas most people i know prefer them when they are a bit older. I love their tiny little fingers and toes and that funny noise they make... oh i'm off again..!

    I cry at people giving birth on tv, my sister (who is 7 years younger than me - argh, it should be me!) is due in April and i'm going to be there for the birth, god knows what i'll be like then, i nearly burst when i think about it now!

    So yeah i'd say i was pretty broody image
  • I am def a 10!! I am the same I also get butterflies in my tummy when I see babies and want to pick them up and cuddle them! My little nephew is 7 months and perfect!! Want to hug him all the time and get so emotional when I see him! Ohhh I wanted a Xmas bfp :'( damn broodiness!! I wish I didn't feel this way all the time! X
  • I would say I'm a 9, my little 4 month old nephew was at my house earlier and he is just such a gorgeous chuppy bundle of giggles, I didn't want to let go of him.
    We are starting smeping tomorrow as well Moonandstars, even though I'm not entirely sure of my cycle at the minute but sure practice is all good image xx
  • I'm def a 10. every time i see a baby turn round to hubby and say I want a little person like that.
    but ruthiespoon don't worry. my friend has a newborn and says she never liked babies til she had her own, and now she thinks he is the most perfect thing in all the world!!
  • Thanks gemgems. I was really beginning to think I was awful! I feel better now x
  • I get really broody whenever I see a real chubby baby, its the little choochy face I love! So a 10 for a choochy face and an 8 generally! Sounds weird, but I generally don't like to hold other peoples babies, I'm so scared that I will break them!xxx
  • mostly a 10 but other an 8 - the days i thik about mmc or giving birth too much! lol, but then othersmi'd say 20! ha ha xxx
  • Hi girls

    Sorry I kinda posted and ran last night! Been quite busy, if you know what I mean.

    I'v relaxed off to about a 7 now, although I was shopping this morning and now I have started to connect babies to actual children, and that bumped me up to a 8 1/2 for a bit. Stupid really cos I teach in the infants and I love little children, but I have only just twigged that once I have a baby it will turn into a child at some point!
  • :lol: that part scares me a little to be honest, I want mine to stay a baby forever image
  • M+s u crack me up! but yeah i'd like mine to stay a baby or actually maybe a toddler for ever! lol xx
  • I would have to say about a MILLION :lol: :lol:

    I looked after a family friend LO and he was teething and unwell but made me go fromm a hundrad to a million when he cuddled me and we were playing about image image

    I want one :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Gems x
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