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I'm back already lol!!

Hi girls,
So i said wasn't going to come on here this month but need to pick your brains!

Ok so af got me early hours yesterday morning, which was 3 days ealy. Quite light yesterday then bit heavier through the night, light again today now nothing???? Never had a af as short as this before just wondered if any of you girls have had this before?
Had quite bad af cramps when went to bed on sat night. Af has never arrived in middle of night before either. Had no cramps since then.
Any advice would be greatly recieved!! Have googled but not really got me anywhere.


  • could it be implantation bleed or is it def' af?

  • I think it would of been too heavy for implantation, i think?? not sure what implantation would be like, it was more like af very red sorry tmi.
    Just not sure what it could be x
  • sorry - i've not been on here much lately - some naughty man keeps using my laptop hehehe.

    could it be withdrawal blaad - have you just come off the pill?

    I could just be mega tiny af?

  • Some af's only last a few days. Think implantation is a light brown/pinky colour rather than full on red and only consists of some spotting. Hope I'm wrong and it is your BFP though xx
  • Thanks for your reply girls,
    Princess i stopped taking the pill October 07 and on month 9 of ttc so wasn't a withdrawal bleed lol.

    Babyblue yeah think was too heavy for implantation, Really don't think its my bfp either prob was just a short af although never happened before.

    Where would this put me with my cycles now?
  • Not really sure, sorry not much help but didn't want to read and run. Don't know if you would count your heavy bleed as CD1 and still take it from that point. Maybe someone else can answer better, good luck xx
  • Sorry chic - told ya I wasn't up to speed at the mo x
  • It might come back, some ladies have that happen. Or it might have finished. Sounds like a waiting game. As if we don't have enough of those! xx
  • I'm having the same did you get a bfp? 
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