AF finally!! CD1

As the title says really.....after being 12 days late and knowing i wasnt pregnant, AF has finally arrived and im so glad!!

Just want to get back on track now xxx


  • Aww no sweetie, I really had everything crossed for you. Here's to a winter bump

    Sending you lots of hugs


  • Im ok with it...i think, if u know what i mean, kind of pleased i know where i am, but also gutted theres no bean. Luv u Rainbow, thinking of u loads and sending u all my love, hugs, and positive vibes, you're a strong chicken image xxx
  • booooo to no bean!! Sorry it's turned out as a really late AF.
    At least you know where you are up to now and can get ready for the month ahead!
  • Sorry to hear the witch turned up but at least you can now get on with this cycle hun.

    Fingers crossed for you, mine was 11 days late this month too x
  • Thanks ladies, im just hoping it was a blip and it doesnt mean im going to have long cycles....ho hum! xxx
  • I am two days late but BFN on a test, my cycles seem very random at the min, but hey ho...hope AF arrives soon so I can start again.

    Hope you aren't having long cycles Pickle! xx
  • Hun so sorry af messing you about xx
  • Am thinking i might use my CBFM again this month to track my cycle, might give me an idea of whats going on....but then again i dont want to get stressed like i did last time with it, i was a nightmare, obsessed with lows highs and peaks or lack of them!! haha xxx
  • Have ordered some OPKs thought I'd give it a go this month! I MUST not get obsessed with poas........

    Good luck with the CBFM!
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