Has anyone else experienced this?????????

Does anyone else have sore nipples/breasts from the day that they ovulate?

I never used to get this but for my last two cycles I have. It is obviously not a sign that I'm pregnant as here I am still ttc!
I am guessing that it is something to do with hormones, but have now convinced myself that something is not right with me and I will not be able to concieve.
I did have a mmc in Dec 07 but as my cycles have been back to normal for the last few months, I don't think it is anything to do with that.
Please can anyone reassure me that this is normal, or at least something that others have experienced.
Thanks xxx :\(


  • Hi Shrewpin!

    I've had this for the last 3 cycles so no its not just you! Its literally been 1-2days past ovulation and my boobs, well nipples mainly, were really sore right up until my AF arrived.

    This is the first cycle its not happened though and I'm now 12DPO - hoping it means maybe we've done it but I've had SO many BFNs!!!

  • Yep and me. Its so annoying. Some of it has to be in my mind I recon.
  • I get this too! x
  • Oh so maybe I'm not abnormal after all. So you girls don't think that it means there is some hormonal problem and subsequently I'll have problems concieving??? You'll probably think I'm silly to ask that question , it's just I'm feeling so worried about every slightest thing since the mmc. Thanks xxx
  • I get this too. When I found out I was pg, they weren't sensitive as such, more heavy and firm.
  • Hi shrewpin, I had a mc in May and my boobs and nipples have been very sore and tender since too. Some days its worse than others, they were terrible last week, then I thought I ov'd, but cant have as af arrived! Its annoying and uncomfortable, and wish it would settle down! Grrr. x
  • I am convinved that we are just noticing what happened before but because we are all symptom spotting, whether we want to or not, you notice it more xx
  • i think you're right. I'm making myself go mental symptom spotting! I has sore nipples and EWCM at the same time so I think i ovulated but who knows. I haven't had an af since coming off the pill so I don't know whats going on! In theory then i should get af 14ish days after the EWCM?? This is so confusing!
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