Bad reaction

hey ladies

Well Ive had a bad week this past wk. AF arrived but no really (I know what your thinking).
I have a real heavy AF and have done since i was 12, so when AF was 4 days late i tested and BFN. So now shes here but so light im not sure if its the real thing.

Anyway back to the thing i wanted to talk about. So after my bad week i broke my own rule and went out with the girls for some drinks. I had enough to get a little drunk but no more then I usually drink.

I woke up this morning and my body has gone off the chart. Really bad cramping, trouble breathing.

Is this my body telling me I'm too old for this or is there some underlining sickness behind it?


  • I have no idea my dear, but didnt want to read and run!
    I know others who have been pregnant without realising have mentioned a bad reaction to alcohol but don't want to get your hopes up if its not!
    Fingers crossed for you though babe!
  • HEy mrsallen
    Just got back from the Doctors.... i have gastro of all things
  • Ohhhh, how annoying! Hope you feel better soon!
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