BFN and gutted. PMA please!

Tested last night and got a BFN, then to add insult to injury, af arrived a few hours later. Gutted.

Though I wasn't surprized, I can't help feeling like the world is falling from under me. I was secretly hoping this month would be our month. We've now hit the 6 months of trying mark - though oh inisits the first 5 months don't count as we weren't trying properly and only bfed about once in each ov period. Last month we really tried though...

Now I just feel like there might be something wrong with us and am worrying like mad. Oh took me out for a curry to cheer me up but I nearly cried into my chicken tikka. image

Its so hard! I don't want to make an 'issue' out of trying - but on the other hand, I'm in a frenzy of accupuncture, nutritionalists, no alcohol (this is hard cos I work in the wine trade), vitamins, preseed, brazil nuts, EPO and OV kits. Ridiculous!

Seriously need to sort my head out and get some PMA. Help!


  • maybe its time to put all those 'aids' away and remove some of the pressure from yourself?
    just have sex three or more times a week (if you can) and let things happen for this month, then if nothing does use them all again next month.

    at least your on CD1 and not in limbo land waiting for something to happen hun.
    Prob not much help.

  • Im in month 6 too, it is very hard and it is all I seem to think and talk about, OH probably fed up. Im on cd24 and have no idea when OV or when af due but I definatly know we havent done it again this month.I just have to be positive and look on the bright side, at least I wont have a baby right between christmas and dd birthday on 21st Jan! Money is tight as it is In Jan without another birthday added to the list.
    Sorry I have no PMA, this ttc lark sucks, just wish it could happen for us as quickly as last time x
  • Im sorry to hear that squidlersimons, ive just given some of my PMA to summer41 but you can have some too, here catch. xx
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