cycle change?

hi if last monthe i was 10 days late wich ment my cycle was 40 days this was a first as allways been 28 to 30 days dose this mean it may be a 40dc this month or would you put it down to just being late and to expect my af to arive in 2 weeks (hopefully not fingers crossede).x


  • Hello!
    I had a really strange AF last month too where I was 5 days late. My periods are usually really regular (the same for years!) I am putting it down to a blip and am going to presume they will be back to normal unless stated otherwise!!
  • Hi, my periods have always been 28/29 days (before I went on the pill and as soon as I stopped) but last month I was 7 days late, I just put it down to stress and thought my AF would be back to 28 days but from using my CBFM this month I know it's going to be a 32/33 day cycle. Not sure why all of a sudden they have decided to be strange but sapose I just have to deal with it! x
  • Hiya, my cycles have always been 24 days before lo, 25 days after. Had a 30 day last month and was worried my cycles were trying to alter, but this month it fell to 26 so hoping it was just a blip.

    A strange thought occurred; you know how people say (no idea who these people are mind!) that when you live closely with another woman your cycles can alter to match? No idea if that is true or not but it just popped into my head - if we all stayed in the same group for long enough with the same people and talked about cycles lots, would we eventually match?! It was an odd thought...probably best to ignore me! I've gone a little mad on medication!! xx
  • Ive heard that too and i must admit i did seem to be on the same cycle as some of the women i used to work with, especially if i was friends with and used to lunch with them! Strange huh!
  • Well I might be very odd saying this but I've been chatting to a lady I met on the yayb via email and this month it would appear we are nearly in sync...could be me thinking to much though, never heard of it happening via the web before :P
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