New day..... New me..... Who wants to join me.....

For lots of fun, relaxed and stress free ttc. No mention of CD, Ov tests or ss. Just lots of PMA and chit chat through the month. I enjoy bring on here but it stresses me out, so really want a stress free chat were we can talk about anything.

Me and hubby are off to Prague on Monday for five nights for his birthday, lots of lovely stressfree BD..... Yea. Just got to get work out of the way first!!!!!!:lol:


  • ooo have a great time in prague image glad ur gonna relax, hopefully it wil work for ya! im planning on doiung the same this month, so fingers crossed! x
  • ooooo Im so jealous, Have a fantastic time! OH and I are off to centre parcs in October, we have booked a spa evening and Im so looking forward to it! xx
  • Been up and about all day today, took the doggy for a lovely long walk, eating healthy and exercising, feel so much better today, I have got to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with things!image
  • Great to hear honey, but it's not over yet! PMA!!imageHave a great holiday! xxx
  • Hi, yes, I'm defo up for chat and no stressing! DH & I spent the afternoon canoeing on the canal...very romantic and very funny! Now's he's on ebay looking to buy a canoe! God knows where we'll store it! Boys will be boys eh?
  • Oooh wantapinkbump - the centre parcs spa evenings are fabulous. So realxing and luxurious. I felt a bit awkward at first but by the end my husband had to wrestle me out of my complimentary, fluffy white towel. I am an eensy bit jealous, even though I am off on my belated honeymoon on Sat! Enjoy and good luck. x
  • Have a great time in Prague 3054!

    MrsEH- Where are you going on honeymoon? We had ours a couple of weeks back. I was convinced I'd get BFP when we got back as we did nothing but BD! I must have had too many cocktails which I hear doesn't help!
  • Lovely, lots o holidays and relaxing breaks. Just what we all need..... Just the job for BD!!!!! Although I am still waiting for AF, two days late now. Knowing my luck she will apperar as I get on the plane to Prague!!!!!!!!

    Feel so much better today, spoke with hubby today and he agrees that I need to chill out..... Put the fun back into ttc.... I am sure he is looking forward to it!!!!!!!

    enjoyed a lovely dog walk today and am at the physio tomorrow so will get a lovely massage!!! Lovelyimage
  • Oh come on witch.... Three days late now!!!!! She is just messing with my head now!!!! Do you really think I could still be in with a chance despite four negative tests??????
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