sorry.. i'm symptom spotting!!

hey girls.

i have no idea when i am due af as cycles have gone from 21 days to 77 days so could be anytime!!! anyhoo i last had af on 16/3 for 10 days so if i was 28 days would have been this weekend!!

the symptoms i have (tmi!)
i am very very wet, feel like i have wet myself!!!
creamy cm
pulling type cramps for last 2 days!!

when is the best time to test if she doesn't arrive??



  • Hey hon
    It's difficult as you need to know when you ovulated and test about 12/14 days after that - do you have any idea when you ovulated?xx
  • i think around 30/3 as i had pain on one side for a day and also while we were bd!!!

    i have also gone off my food which is really unlike me!!!
  • hon I went off food and am still off it and found out on Thursday i'm PG!
    A test would most probably show now hon. I OV around 29th March and it showed last Thursday.xx
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