Blood tests

Hi ladies - went to have blood tests today after no AF since stopping the pill in March.

One test was for thyroid (am underweight and having been weighed twice in a week, seem to be losing weight but eating loads) and the other for a hormone but the nurse didn't know what the hormone being tested was nor what levels would be normal. Anyone care to hazard a guess or been tested for something similar?


  • I don't know really, because usually they specify they want to test your hormones on day 2 or day 21 to check for the right levels of hormones at those points - i would guess they are going to check your levels of oestrogen, progresterone and FSH, but not sure and not sure what they would compare them to, given that you are so far along in your cycle..? possibly just to see if you're producing these hormones and in what levels? sorry that's no help really!
  • When i went for blood tests they tested for progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone and i think something else but can't remember. Hope this helps. I didn;t have them on a certain day of cycle as i havn't had a af for 9 months.
  • Thanks both - that is helpful.

    Perhaps they were just checking I was still alive?

    Joking aside, I imagine its just hormones (i.e. the ones SLOW suggests). I wonder what they'll find?

    Slow - what came of your tests, please? If that's not too personal to ask?
  • Hi, it turns out my ovaries have gone to sleep so i've been referred to a gyneacologist and have an appointment tomorrow. I had one set of tests after about 3 months of no af then another set after about 8.5 months of no af. This is when they decided to refer me. My first test showed low levels of progesterone and not sure about the second set, i guess the same.
  • Thanks Slow. And good news you've got the referrals. Did anyone suggest how to wake them backup again?

    Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Is there any chance you could let me know at some point? Only if you're happy to share though- please don't feel pressured!
  • I'll be straight on here when i get in don't you worry. The doc said that they would just give me some tablets to take so i'm not really sure what to expect. Gonna wear new pants just in case!!!l lol
  • How funny! Yes, best pants to impress the docs!

    And thank you - sounds like you, me and Moomin are all in a similar boat so good to know what might happen. x
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