my life is a total mess

dont even no where begin.

have been ttc for 7 months now with new partner.
then last night it kicked off and partner slapped me across the face. he was jailed and has moved back with parents. im due af 11th aug and feel awful what do i do if this was are month.. of course id be excited but dont no where to go with partner etc

sob sob sick of crying i feel so numb image image


  • o brammer! has this ever hapened b4? glad he has moved out! i hope ur ok? remember its not your failt, and whatever happened plz do not blame this on urself, u have done nothing to deserve this. i was in an abusive relationship for 2 yrs and it almost ruined my life. plz promise me you wont take him back, bfp or not, once someone crosses that line its very hard to go back. yo uwill be an amazing mummy weather u get ur bfp this month or with a future partner, but u deserve more than that babes! im amiee last on fb if u wanna add me and chat. sending you lots of love and hugs, we r all here for u xxxxx
  • So sorry this has happened to u, im with mrs me on this one though.
    bringing a child into a situation like that is not fair on them or you, u r so much better out of a relationship like that and if u do get a bfp u will be an amazing mummy and by making that stand u r already giving your baby the best start in life.

    Try and stay strong hun, u dont deserve to be treated by any man like that.


  • Oh so sorry to hear this, what a terrible thing to happen I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Mrs Me is right though you mustn't put up with this from him, it will most likely only get worse. Usually when relationships start heading in that direction they usually continue and you can easily get sucked in to a spiraling down relationship that makes you feel as if you can't get out. Put a stop to it now, bfp or not and as the days pass you will start to feel better a tiny bit at a time - you are most certainly allowed to feel totally upset, heartbroken and terrible right now, but it will get better.

    Good luck pet and remember there are some wonderful men out there who will treat you like a princess. :\)
  • i agre with all of the above, and baby on board ur so right! sometimes it takes something like that to happen to find ur true love, i found my husband after that awful time. and he is the most amazing man! u have to get rid of the poop in ur life to allow room for someone wonderfl who deserves you image keep us posted sweetie x
  • Sending hugs to you, it must be devastating to have your life turned upside down like that. Whatever happens you are in my thoughts and prayers x
  • Omg I'm so sorry hun! Like the other ladies have said you do not deserve this! You deserve a good man who will treat you like a princess! I hope you're ok sweetie xxx
  • thankyou ladies....... i left my 11 yr husband 18 yr relationship for new partner. im so confused and can understand now why women stay in abuse relationships cos it hurting so much to let go and have spoke to him today and ended up feeling i had done wrong. not sure which way turn at the mo i feel like part of me died.
    thanking u all again xxx
  • You should not be feeling like you did something wrong and if he makes you feel like that hun that is a bad sign as he is pushing the blame onto you. You left your other relationship not just for him but because something was obviously not working for you in that one and this was your escape and reason to move on at the time, don't think you have to pursue this new relationship as you gave up your 18yrs from your 'other' life for him - absolutely not. Now is the time to bail out and find someone you deserve and who will be wonderful to you.

    You need to be strong and realise that this is a warning sign and move along - I especially feel that that would be the right thing to do if he made you feel guilty and like you were the one in the wrong.

    Of course you don't have to listen to me, the choice is yours and it is easy for an outsider to stand here and give advice/make observations but you have to do what you feel is right for you hun in the end.x

    Do you have someone close by you can talk to? Maybe someone who knows you both who you can trust?
  • Hey Hun,

    im in total agreement with the girls here!!

    We can all say the usual stuff, but as B.O.B just said, YOU can only change your situation, we can only give you advice!

    I will just say this... What would you advise your daughter to would feel strongly right?

    Remember your worth, and your worth is worth more than a slap across the face... Trust me, it will only get harder ( slap and leaving too!! )

    thinking of you, in shirley on FB.. Find me if you need to vent..

    Thinking of you... Stay positive ( because I know strong isn't
    an option right now )

  • What a vile human being, dont hang onto the relationship because youre scared of being alone, a good man who truly loves you would never do this to you x
  • hiya hun, r u feeling beter today? those type of people (same as my ex) always turned it around to make me feel like i was being to argumentitive or i was looking too tarty etc etc, its an awful awful mind game, and he wil keep doing it until u feel like u deseerve the way he treats you. please remember no woman deserves that, nomatter what. tbh, i didnt actualy have the courage to get out, in the end he left me, as i felt i had no-one else in the world other than him. im guessing he has made u feel like that about him? u can move on, u can have a better life. shirls is right tho we can only give u advice, some people just arnt strong enough to walk away (like me) lol. but just letting you know there is a better life out there xxxxxxx
  • thankyou ladies for all ure replies. im sure i will sort myself out having some time out at the mo... will keep u all posted and i defo dont feel as alone at the moment xxx
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