Who's on their 2 ww

Hey Ladies,
Just wanting to know who of you are on your 2ww? and how many dpo are you?
I'm 6 dpo and have been crapping a little.


  • Hi Miss88,
    I am on my 2ww, am CD20 and 3DPO. I have had tender boobies undeneath and around the side and my nipples are tender too. I am also feeling tired and have had a headache all day.
    Lets keep in touch and keep each other updated on how we're getting on.
  • hi hun, im on my 2ww as well. im 5dpo and been cramping on and off for 2 days. good luck hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • fingers crossed for both of you this month!!

    Just a quick question .. when your boobs are sore only around the sides and underneath, is that more of a sign than if they are sore all over? Just that i've heard this a lot but now i have that sign i can't find a definate answer!

    Thanks :\)
  • I'm in 1ww!! am 8dpo. testing the 31st which will be 12dpo if no AF, as AF usually 10/11dpo. have no symptoms, but I'm not bothered as had no symptoms when got bfp before my MC, and every time I do get symptoms I get a bfn!!
  • Hi and Merry Christmas to you all!

    I'm 11dpo and got a BFN this morning. I'm keeping everything crossed that it's just too early, as it was just a bog standard Tesco test (all I could find last month and 10pm!!!).
    I'm on month 27, and have had 2 m/c's, trying for our first.

    Good luck to you all x
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