me Vs cbfm

I know this is going to sound silly but I think I am ov. I have niggling pains in my right side ( only slight) and yesterday my cm was cloudy but this morning was clear,wet and stretchy and my boobs feel a little fuller. (sorry if tmi) but my cbfm is still saying low.

I am CD13 and for the poast two months I have no ov until CD20/21 according to my cbfm.

Could it be wrong or am I just reading too much into my body?



  • Ive had these too MrsMel. Since ive started ttc, ive noticed these pains around the same stage in my cycle. Also I start to get ewcm.I think for me, its my ovaries gearing up to ov - I use opks and temp charting and the pains are usually about 5 days before i ov which is weird! So it could be athat your cbfm is right xx
  • Might BD just incase!! Thanks. How do you chart your temp?
  • I go with my body and your symptoms sound like ov'tion... Start bding!
  • I agree with Canuckmom - good idea to start bding anyway as even if you are leading up to ov, its good to get the spermies in and waiting!
    I temp using a basal body thermometer - they basically read temp to 4 digits. You need to take it as soon as you wake up at the same time each day before getting out of bed. I chart it on fertility friend and they have an online course which may help. It doesnt predict ov, only confirms it, but I like to know I have ov'ed and also that we can relax on the bd front!
  • I get symptoms about a week before I OV; the twinges, sharp pains and the CM starts increasing. I then get EWCM for a few days before OV. I would start BDing anyway, just to be on the safe side x
  • I have problems with my cbfm, have never had a peak or a low that isn't during my af, just get highs all the time! I get ov pains but I have to check the blue lines on the sticks as my monitor never changes! Xx
  • Thanks for info. Will def BD and might look into fertility friend and temp checking. What would I be looking for?
  • On the sticks? Mine show 2 blue lines of about the same colour on my surge day, I can take a pic and post it for you tomorrow if you like?
  • yes please that would be great!
  • No probs hun! I'll do it tomorrow when I get back from work image
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