Feeling blue

hello ladies

AF came this morning. :\( We've been TTC for 5 months now and still nothing. Just feeling a bit blue and wondering if it will ever happen. for us/ We're doing everything right and it's so frustrating! Everyone seems to be having babies around me left right and centre which isn't helping me feel any better.

Jus wanted to see if anyone else feels the same? Tell me I'm not alone!!:lol:


  • Hey mummycaf,
    I know just how you feel! We have also been trying for 5 months and sometimes it is really tough. I am due on next week and I'm not holding out much hope.
    It seems that when you want something so much it is everywhere! Every tv show or advert is all about babies I'm sure!! When I think about work I am pretty sure that EVERYONE is pregnant......!
    Just remember you are not alone and you are also normal! Taking 7, 8 or more months is normal we just have to keep up the pma and it will be our turn soon image
    xxxxx mrs cake x
  • oh chick sorry your feelng so down,ts not nce s it knowng your doing everythng right and nothngs happenng,it is said a normal healthy couple can take 12-18 months to concieve,i no its not a help and a long time but it will happen xx

    your def not alone tho weve been ttc 23 months x
  • dont worry hun .
    It 11DPO for me and BFN. I am feeling down myself.
    Lets hope we get our BFP soon image
  • Hun youre definately not alone im on month 11 and always think to myself will it ever happen for me xx
  • You are most definitely not alone. I'm only on month 3, which I know is nothing, but already feeling quite low at 10dpo (I think it's also because a bit of PMT is coming on in all fairness!) I can only imagine how it must feel / how I will feel after months and months of trying.

    I think it's that worry of 'will it ever happen' that's the worst (for me at least). If someone could tell me for sure that I *will* get pg but it won't be until e.g. November, I would feel fine with it. It's the fear of 'what if it never happens / what if something's wrong' that I find so hard.

    Babydust all round and fingers crossed for lots more BFPs very very soon. xxx
  • mummycaf we now cycle buddies i came on today too big hugs to u too it naff aint it feels like the whole world getting there bfp and we are the odd few it will happen hunnie for us fingers crossed (not legs lol) for end of month for our bfp xxxx babydust to everyone xxx
  • G/C sorry! Just think about how elated you will feel when you get your BFP... and you WILL... Hold onto that Hun.

    Babydust to us all
  • tilty: I feel the exact same way. The not knowing part of when it will ever happen is the most hardest.
  • Hi don't worry it will happen we had been trying since June 09 and then I cought 7 weeks ago I thought I would never get pregnant unfutantly I mc last week but I haven't given up and are still gonna try at least I know I can get there so don't give up evey one told me to chill which I thought was so frustrating but when did chill it happens .xxx
  • i feel down too!!! i am on month 19 and it feels like it will never happen!! its doubly annoying because i have irregular cycles too!!! am on CD 25 and still not sure if i have ov'd!! am getting very low!! we have a 5 year old and he is so grown up!!!

    is it really to much to ask for to have regular cycles and and BFP!! lol

  • hi ladies, it's nice to know that i'm not alone in feeling tlike this! I feel slighty better this morning and am trying to stay positive. It just seems like an age away until we can try again and then the agonising 2ww as well!
    I hope all you ladies get your BPF's as soon as possible, lots of babydust to you all xxx
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