Hurrah AF arrived!!

I know its a very strange thing to be pleased about on this forum but she got me today and I'm really glad!!

Took my last pill on 1st May and have been waiting for her (didn't even get a withdrawal bleed) so at least now i can track my cycle and try to figure out if i'm ov-ing at all.

Good luck to all and lots of baby dust xxx


  • Glad she arrived for you. If I'd known you were after her I'd have given her to you yesterday instead of her visiting me!!!! Good luck for this month, you'll be trying to keep her away soon!!
  • glad she arrived for you!
    can you send her my way in a few weeks time please because i want my cycles back to normal after D&C 2 weeks ago so i can start ttc again image

    lots of babydust - hope she doesn't find you again for another 9 months!

  • Fingers crossed! I'm just hoping her stay is pain free and doesn't last too long!
  • Glad she arrived, its good to know where you stand instead of hanging on?
  • That's great, you can start ttc soon- i am on first af after mc - weird to be glad about having af isn't it- it makes the cramps not as bad.
  • Hi Laura, you're exactly the same as me, I took my last pill on 1st May and af came last night and like you I was relieved, at least now we know that everything works properly and can concentrate on next month now, good luck honey x
  • Glad af showed up for you (it feels weird to be saying that!). Could you send her my way after you finish with her pls? I would like to know where I am in cycle too!

    Good luck to you all for next month! x
  • You girls are so lucky! My first proper AF arrived 2 years after stopping the pill. I am fit, healthy and medically healthy down below (had loads of tests) but my body obviously is just very slow!

    Made my first post here last week as i was so upset about stuff, and wham bam thank you mam, AF arrived a few days later... must have been all that baby dust the girls sent me!!!!! image:lol:

    Good luck to you all!!!!! As much as it is so upsetting, it's so exciting too!

    x x x x
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