Just noticed that the baby due feb 09 forum is there!!!

I really want to be posting on there soon, please , please let it be our month, ive been very good!! image


  • Hi hun, i noticed it as well, nipped in to have a peek. I so want to be there too, a February baby would be just lovely! Fingers crossed February will be a busy month with lots of us getting our BFP's! PMA ladies PPPPPPMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!
  • Thats 2 places reserved then!! xx
  • I think we should go in and take a look around, find a nice comfy chair and just refuse to move lol
  • What a fantastic idea babymonkey, ill just grab some supplies, meet you there in a mo! xx
  • I want to come too............if i'm very good can i?? and if i'm very bad??
  • Please reserve me a spot!! I reckon we can all do it this month ladies!!! C'mon!!!!! xxxxxx
  • Me too me too, i'll bring cake xxx
  • I want to be able to post in there so badly.
    What cake ya got tibby? lol
    Right everyone, we can do this!!!!!!!
    Start collecting supplies as we will be in there a long 8 1/2 months.
    Think I gotta bring crisp sandwiches, galaxy and pork scratching (and maybe a bit of fruit and veg! Gotta show willing)
  • It has to be chocolate cake, surely?!!!!!

    I'll start stocking up now.......french fries, snickers bar (oh no! peanuts!!), tangtastic haribos!!!
  • Yep its yummy chocolate cake! I'm quite looking forward to it! It's an adventure!! x
  • Shall I bring some DVDs and board games too???
  • OOh yes, I love games! I'll bring Twister! Very energetic! What games have you got? I'll also bring popcorn! x
  • oooo. I dont think we should be doing twister lol. We will be expectant mothers hee hee.

    You know what.............Its a good job we can have a giggle like this or we would go insane.
  • You make a good point babymonkey75! I'm sorry to announce that I will no longer be bringing twister! xx
  • lol.
    Well. ive just nipped over to the feb 09 forum and there is plenty of room for us all.
    Sorry about the twister. I dont mean to be a party pooper.
  • I've got the 1990's version of Trival Pursuits and Monopoly. Could bring some cards too?? Have to kind of agree with babymonkey re the Twister...........put your bump on the blue circle!!!!!
  • Yes agreed! Lets stick to some nice safe games instead! Monopoly is always a winner and seems to go on forever which is a good thing as we're gonna be there for a long time! The bump on the blue circle...LOL...genious!! xx
  • How about we take the new nintendo wii with us and the wii fit board, that way we can keep ourselves occuppied, have fun and keep fit!!!
    I really hope I can be in the feb forum. It would be so exciting to have a valentines baby, think I would be due 10th if I fell pg this month x x x x x x
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