af arrived

well ladies af arrived on wednesday, so i guess it's onwards and upwards, was very upset on wednesday and a collegue told me she was nine weeks pregnant, but wanted to tell me first due to me having two mc in last few months. I was really happy for her but so upset for me and dh, she wasn't really trying for a baby and part of me just wanted to stamp my feet and say it's so unfair, i must be a horrible person :cry:


  • No your not love we would all feel he same trust me. I am sorry AF found you. I know it's hard but you will get there trust me your time will come image

  • You are not a horrible person. Its only natural when you want something so badly. I felt the same when my best friend and i were pg... i miscarried and she had a bouncing baby boy. I was happy for her it was just hard. PMA, it will happen x Megs xx
  • Oh honey i'm so sorry, i've only been trying for a few weeks and i'm frustrated already so I can't begin to imagine how you much feel. 2 days after I told my work colleagues I was trying one of them found out that she was pg, they weren't even trying and she was on the pill. x
  • hey hunny, your not horrible so dont even think that, u should see some of the thoughts that are going through my head....your time will come soon hunny, and while u wait we can bitch and moan as much as we want xxxxxx
  • God sometimes life can be so unfair!! Im sorry the witch found you hun. You go stamp your feet and shout if you want too if it helps! fingers crossed for next month. xxx
  • thanks for your kind words ladies, kim you are such a strong person, to be so lovely when your going through so much xxxxx
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