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TTC and weight....

hi ladies hope you're all looking forward to Christmas - i've just finished pressi wrapping so am now very excited!
...wrapping gave me time to think and I wondered what you all thought about whether you weight affects TTC chances? just wondered if anyone had lost any weight purposely to TTC quicker/easier...did it work?
i know the medical world says you should lose weight but would be interesed to hear about real life!!

thank you and hope you all have a fab christmas! fingers crossed for us all! xxx;\)


  • i heard that if you crash diet you can mess up your hormones and therefore make ttc more difficult. A healthy diet should be ok though. If under or overweight can cause problems ttc. Should speak to practice nurse for advice. Filo x
  • well my mum as 6 children and is just lil over w8 and as always been lucky and managed to get pregnant within first month trying. i dont think it makes much difference to certain extent. a person could be slim and still be unfit. as long as you look after yourself while ttc theres as much chance as conceiving as anyone else. x
  • but as filobabe says hun if in doubt speap to a nurse or doctor or even give nhs direct a call for advice. x good luck with ttc x
  • If you have a BMI of over 37 you can have more problems conceiving. Also, if you do get pregnant you may have more health problems too and may need closer monitoring. It is best when TTC to think about your overall health rather than your actual weight. Eat healthy and cut out the rubbish and exercise for 30 mins aday and you should see a difference to your health. If you need to lose weight then just doing this will probably allow you to lose a few pounds! Good luck.

    28 + 5 weeks after losing 1st 6lbs before conceiving!

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  • I agree with Nicospoon, although I wasn't hugely overweight I struggled for 3 years before making lifestyle changes which included losing some weight and catching. I spoke to Prof Robert Winston and he condemned infertility clinics who offer expensive invasive treatments instead of telling women to improve their chances naturally through diet, exercise etc.
    Obviously it is only 1 factor but certainly worth considering. Best of luck and HAPPY CRIMBO xxxx
  • i am very over wieght im 5ft6 and 16 stone and it took me 3 months to concieve and id come off depo then i miscarried in july but then i got preg agagin in the october and im 11 weeks now! so id say it didnt play a big part in us tryin to concieve hope that helps a lil
  • i am very over wieght im 5ft6 and 16 stone and it took me 3 months to concieve and id come off depo then i miscarried in july but then i got preg agagin in the october and im 11 weeks now! so id say it didnt play a big part in us tryin to concieve hope that helps a lil
  • Im about 5ft4 (ish) and i weighed 12st13lb but i started the weight watchers points diet without going to weight watchers (i just ebayed a points calculator) and in 4 weeks ive lost 7lb!!!!!!! Without been hungary or craving coz i could eat as much and what i wanted as long as i had points left that day, it's fab.

    I lost weight for me more than ttc but it can only make my chances better as i get healthier!!!!

  • thanks for all your advice ladies - i'd already really decided that new year - new regime...but TTC brings it home a little!
    have a fab christmas! xxx
  • I lost 3 stone with Slimming World - in fact I got my 3 stone award the week I found out I was pregnant. I have absolutely no doubt that losing the weight helped me to conceive my baby but also, now my son is here (9 weeks yesterday!) I was so pleased that I was lighter whilst pregnant. I was still about 2 stone overweight when I concieved but put on 4 stone during pregnancy. But, after 9 weeks I am back in my jeans and only weigh 10lbs more than when I fell pregnant. I am sure losing the 3 stone made it more comfy and much easier to carry my little one.
    Good luck

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  • Hi All
    In the fertility book I have bought it says a woman needs at least 20% body fat for her body to ovulate.
    I sing from the hymn sheet that says about balanced diets and 30 mins exercise....can't do any harm...just goodimage
    I am an awkward eater as I have a few intolerances, gluten and dairy so I have to be careful what I have.
    Look forward to us all getting BFP xx
  • thanks ladies....not sure if I'm speaking too soon but AF was due two days sign all! oh my god, feeling a bit panicky/excited...daren't test just yet....arghhh, and I've not lost any weight yet!! ...but, it's probably AF fooling me, not getting excited yet!
    hope you've all had a great christmas! xx
  • Wow - just the thought of getting healthy had an effect !!!!
    Please please test soon and let us know xxxxxx
  • I fell pregnant after a month or so - we werent trying ;\) I was about a stone an a half overweight? Thing is, alot of that is boobs on me (which I hate!), I was about a size 14-16. Then again I lost half of that extra weight with morning sickness but I was still a few lbs over at my booking-in appointment. My mw never even tutted! Unless your BMI is over 35, weight isn't a big deal - also as regards TTC it is a lot better to be a bit overweight then underweight. x

  • hi

    i go to slimming world am only about 1/2 stone off target but im trying not to get stressed out bout it while ttc. the advice i have been given is eat healthy and keep from getting stressed out

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