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Happy for all those pregnant ladies but envey creeps in!

Awww beautiful Molly Louise xxxx


  • Im feeling very guilty, i feel like ive turned into a horrible person!! When i find out that somebody is pregnant i feel really happy for them but then i become engulfed with envey and keep thinking its so unfair! Why have i turned into this?? I want to be the happy go lucky old me again!xx
  • Debbiemc, I am starting to feel exactly the same hun. When someone tells me that they are pregnant, I act all happy for them when deep down im thinking, yeah so what!
  • Its awful feeling like this isnt it? I woke this morning feeling all excited because im starting my ov sticks tomorrow for the 1st time but for the last hour ive just been feeling more miserable almost to the point of crying!! I dont know why!! xx
  • Hi girls you know I have only been trying this month so not long at all and I normally see preg women and smile but this morning there was a big preg women say in front of me and I could not even look at her.

    I want to be a mum so badly I know I would make a good mummy and that my hubby would just make the best dad. I really hope we get to feel all that comes along with being preg.

    Your not a bad person we all have it in us image

  • hi debbiemc, i posted the same thing last week, a collegue told me she was nine weeks pregnant (she wanted to tell me first cause of two mc) and i was happy for her but wanted to stamp me feet and in the end when i got home i cryed. I found it hard because she hadn't really been trying and got pregnant straight away, we're been trying since august and i've been pregnant twice but mc both times, last month i was obsesed with getting pregnant but this month i'm trying to relax a bit, i know other people at work are trying as well and i dread them telling me there pregnant, i really want to be pregnant before the end of september as that would have been my due date
  • Thank you K-lou, im not normally like this so its hard to understand why im feeling this way. I have 5 children and never felt like this when trying to fall with them maybe its because im older (41) and feel scared that time will run out for me. Im gonna have to try and snap out of it! Anyway hows your head? lol. xx
  • I'm the same, but I think it depends on the person - like all you gals on here, I'm so happy when you get your BFPs!
    But anyone outside of here - gggrrrrr!
    I am positive my Sister is going to get pregnant again soon. She's got a 2.5 yr old and 6 month old and is very broody. Apparantely she ''only has to look at 'hubby' and I get pregnant''. Bleurgh!
  • i know what you mean but i do feel genuinely happy for people on here when they get bfp because we know everyone's stories and how much they want a baby. it sometimes gives me hope too that we will get our sticky bfp image

    i'm just getting angry at the moment when i see/hear of pregnant people not looking after themselves/their little bean, as we did absolutely everything by the book but still lost our little bean.
    am determined that we will get a perfect one next time though.
    lots of babydust and pma to everyone xxx
  • Mrs e, you make me feel ashamed at feeling sorry for myself after what youve been through! I promise im gonna pull myself together and dust myself down and just get on with it. I know what you mean about being angry at people not looking after themselves or their little beans, nothing bad ever happens to people like that it allways seems to happen to the ones who do everything right!! Life sucks sometimes!! Lots of babydust to all you ladies xx
  • My head is sore honey part of me feels really bad for drinking as I am still not 110% I am preg but i took that test that said Neg and not drunk for two months and I have been a little stressed about things the last two weeks so it felt sooo good.

    It's so hard I just want to be given the chance to feel what it feels like to me a first time mum. I have told myself i am just going to try my hardest to relax next month not put too much pressure on it and see what happens.

    K xx
  • Awww K-lou, im sure you will get the chance very soon to prove what a good mum you will be. Good luck hun that bfp may be just around the corner. xxx
  • I feel the same. Im genuinely made up for bfp's on here as we are all in it together and provide support for each other thru the rough times.
    But exactly a week to the day after my mc, a girl I know from the school gates told me she was 'surprise' pg. I managed to smile and congratulate her, but it was hard! she moans constantly about her other 2, and shouts at the youngest all the time.
    I just want to be pg again, and like you debbiemc, I sometimes worry about time running out as I will be 40 soon!!

    Baby dust and pma to all, it will be our turn soon! xxx
  • im not even trying again yet but i still feel jealous when i see pregnant woman, new born babies, and people who have just got pregnant, its so unfair. i am really made up for everyone i really am but part of me wishes it was me x
  • I'm the same as you girls - I'm genuinely chuffed for all the BFPs, but there is something inside me that just thinks "Why can't it be me?"

    I work in Family Law, and all day i see people fighting over kids, or their kids going into care because they can't look after them properly. They don't seem to know how lucky they are to have their children in the first place.

    Sending lots of pma to all of you - let's hope our bfps aren't too far away!
  • There are two people I work with who are pg, both of whom got pg first try (grrr) and while I've been pleased to bits for them, it has made me feel down at times. Especially yesterday when they stood next to my desk talking about maternity clothes, prams and nursery furniture... I was fascinated but really wanted to join in!!! Then just made me feel crappy image And one of them knows we're ttc - have been for 5 months - cos she had felt really bad about telling me she was pg! She soon forgot about that... :\?
  • Ladies I totally understand how you feel !!! I lost my baby at 13 1/2 weeks just 2 days after a sonagram my baby was all over the place in the sonogram and suddenly just like he got there he was gone......
    I had no cramps I just felt like something fell inside I ran to the bathroom and there was nothing but I felt weird so I decided to go to the ER heading to the elevator my water broke (this happened at work) on my ride down to the lobby blood just squirted out to th epoint I couldn't wlak and 911 had to be called, hour after I got to th ehospital my baby fell right into my hands and I could see his little face and arms he was divine image this happen almost a year ago on June 28 2007 just sharing this brings tears to my eyes ....... that september my sister in law got pregnant I was not happy but pretended to be I secretly cried everytime she talked about her baby she gave birth this month and my husband went crazy buying baby clothes and of course I got annoyed but just because of my baby is a horrible feeling it hurts so much but at the same time you don't want to be that horrible person that feels envy of your friends and family when they get pregnant.........but is hard not to feel that way image
  • I feel the same, like when i was out in town this morning i swear that every few minutes I walked past someone who was pregnant. Maybe i notice too much nowadays..or i'm being damn too nosy, lol.

    It does start up the envy though, i cant help it.Especially as i still dont know wether i am or not, kinda stuck in limbo until AF shows up or i feel brave enough to test again. But I'm totally stoked for everyone who gets their BFP!
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