How long does an LH surge last???

Hi ladies!

Fresh from all my PMA this month I am now a littel confused? :\?

I tested with CB digiOV at 5.30pm last night and got my very 1st smiley face, hurrah! Thought we'd better get on with the BDing last night and tonight to give ourselves the best just thought out of curiousity I'd do another test at lunchtime today (2.30) ,and still getting a smiley face!?
I thought as 24 hrs has nearly gone by that I'd probably be OVing by about now?

Has anybody else had this before??? Didn't think an LH surge would last that long, or am I being a bit thick!!?

Iz x


  • Hmm, not sure, I thought it lasted about 2-3 days? never used ov sticks but from what I have read about others using them they seem to get positives on ov sticks for a few days running. Dont know about the digi ones tho hun. Sorry, bit of a crap reply really!! imageops:
  • Hi - I had 4 days of +ve this month on ov stick... My friend said maybe I had released two eggs!!! God I hope not, I couldn't cope with twins!!! ha ha ha... Sara
  • Twins, oh my goodness sara 7, hadn't even thought of that!
    I'll be testing again in the morning and hoping no smiley face then!!

    iz x
  • I had 1 day of 2 line on my Ovulation sticks now waiting for 5 days for af to not show xx good luck xx
  • OMG - how funny! Just been searching for info in LH surges and how long they last and came across this.
    Sara7 is actually having twins so obv did release 2 eggs...!!!
  • One month I had smiley faces for three days in a row, glad to know it wasnt just me being odd!
  • Okay, so I just had a four day surge. Needless to say my husband better not even look my way for a while. So, I found this site after First Response gave me the generic answer, that said "stop testing after you see the surge" But in my quest to understand it all I had bought the 20 day test because I ran out last month before getting the surge. I was expecting to see a bell curve, with one day of spike then nothing so I would know I didn't screw it up, so finally today (day 5 after my initial surge) the line is lighter than the test line.

    SO, my question is what does it all mean.. and when did I ovualate...was it 24-36 hours after the 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th day of surge. Honestly we had enough sex I think we are covered.

    Btw.. we are going for our 5th baby, I just turned 34... so the fact that I am close enough to 35, twins run in my family and someone said the other mom who commented was expecting twins after a lengthy surge, is freaking me out just a bit.

    Best wishes and blessings to all of you, Children are such a gift.
  • Thought I'd add my tuppence of thought into this. I'm pretty sure that you LH surge happens in the run up to OV and that it can last anything from 12 hours to a couple of days. You can have an LH surge and not actually ovulate however... If you are taking your BBT you'll see a lift in temps once you have Ov'd.

    This month I had my first smiley on CD21, however didn't see spike in temp to indicate I had ovulated until CD25, this would assume I ovulated on CD24.... Lesson ladies is that using my temps I was able to recognise that I was still fertile on CD24, if I would've gone solely on OPK's I wouldn't have BD's at the optimum time.

    Hope that helps xxx
  • Well, according to all the Clear Blue advertising there are two days a month where a woman can conceive, so I assume you are 'meant' ov over a two day period. However all women are individual so I guess all ov's are individual!
  • I am desperate to test although i only ovulated on sat and is now fri and i realllly want to see if its worked this time!its my first month of usig clearblue ovulation test but 7th month of took 7 months with my son so oping it may be similar this time...has anybody ever tested within the first 2 weeks after ovulation and got a positive?im going to try really hard to wait until next saturday which will be 14dpo but the test upstairs in my bathroom is calling me-stupid i know because its too early but ahhhh annoying!
  • Especially because i dont know if i ovulated on sat or sun as got 2 smiley faces and that extra day is going to be a long one!
  • This is my first time using CB opks. Day 24 I got the smiley face. I knew I would test positive because of having egg white mucus and cramping. Now though on day 27 for curiousity I tested again and I still got a smiley face? I have never been concidered normal with my cycles so could it mean I just have a longer surge than most being that I have long cycles 40+ days. I still can feel cramps as well so I wonder if I ovulated yet or if like about am putting out more than one egg? Any advise ppl.....I also have had pcos for over 20 years but have 2 children with no problems getting preg. And am now 43 but am trying 2 conceive and if I did I can give much good advise on how 2 do it naturally because my dr. Would not give me clomid or any other drugs to help because of my age n insurance..
  • Hiya you should start taking your temps aswell as OPK, I have been using the OPK for over a year without any luck. It had said I ovulated on day 17 OR 18 of every month but it was only when I started taking my temp every morning that this was not the case I Ovulated day 23 last month so very much out. The problem with me was that I have PCOS so my body was given me a false reading but once I got that smiley face I did stop testing so I never knew, this month I have taken vitex to try and balance my hormones so my smiley face was yesterday and my temp shift today so I think this is correct plus no smiley face today so hopefully yesterday was my ovulation day and we have a bit of luck this month! hope this helps image

  • Snooky, my partner and I have been ttc (not religiously) for about 4 years now.  Last year I finally got pregant after taking Vitex and Maca root for a month and a half.  Unfortuntely, the babies heart stopped beating at 9 weeks of conception.  At this time I had many blood tests done, and found out I have one copy of MethyleneTetraHydroFolateReductase Mutation gene.  In other words, I need to take extra folate and Vitamin B.  This is often the cause of many early miscarriages.  I have been trying to be diligent about the opk last month and this month.  According to the opk, I ovulate around the 18th day after my period begins.  However, it wasn't until I read these posts that I am thinking i could be wrong.  I too, had smiley faces for three days and I stopped testing so could've actually been longer.  I assumed that I was ovulating 24-36 hours after the first smiley.  I am thinking I should keep testing until the line begins to fade, all the while continue having sex.  Yes?  Dear Universe, please give us a baby already!  Geesh!

  • Monday February 11th, I got the smiley face on my ovulation test.  It is now Wednesday the 13th and I took on earlier today and go a negative, then i decided to take one this evening and got another smiley face.  I am just wondering is it normal to have a LH surge this long its only been I guess a little over 48 hours that i found the surge.  When will I ovulate and How long is the lh surge supose to last.  I had a tubal reversal last july and in November I had an early misscarriage, It just seems like i try and try and nothing happens so I devided this month to test twice a day to see when i would ovulate and now I am confused by everyones response.  I just want to have another baby so bad I can taste it.  But I am afraid that I will miss is this month again.  I had sex Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Is that enough lol.  I did have a headache today, and I have heard that is a sign of ovulation, but on the Day of ovulation will my lh surge still test positve.

  • Lh surge happens when ovulation is approaching.usually this happens 36-48 hours later.unless you are bbt wont know whether you actually test can tell us simply meams your body is trying to ovulate but the egg is to speak.i use the clearblue digital ovulation with dual hormone.detects 4 best days.has low high and peak.

    so you get a empty circle,flashing smiley face.means lh surge then a peak.where has detected the other hormone needed to release the egg.i am now on cd25 i have had 17 days of flashing smiley have the lh surge but egg is stuck.i would seriously bbt as well as ov tests..

  • so I missed my period for 6 5 days and decided to test BFN,then took OPK got flashing smiley face fro 3 day now then started spotting had cramps building up to spotting could I be pregnant so confused what's going on with me

  • I used clear blue digital opk on day 15 of my cycle and got a smiley facr at 11 am. We had just BD'd and that was the only time in my fertile period. Out of curiosity i took another the same day around 8pm and was negative so think i ovulated that day of thr next. Hopefully i timed it just right. We have been trying for 8 months. Started dusing pre seed this month aswell so hoping for a bfp but trying not to get my hopes up. Both my ex's just found out theyre guna be dads and loads of friends announcing pregnancies so its like a kick in the stomach everytime someone announces a pregnancy. Anyhow i have a pregnancy test but trying to leave testing til im a week late save disappointment but guna try and forget im due my period in 2 days as ill just focus on it and make my af late. I also elevated my legs for 15 mins after the one time we did it this month. Ill keep you updated. Baby dust!!!!

  • Oh i was testing every other day from last fay of period so not sure if i would have had pos opk day 14 (the day before my pos) but i had a negative day 14 so i either have pos opk for one or two days only

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