feeling a bit tearful just now....

Hi Girls

Help me, I'm having a momentary wobble! Just been on facebook catching up on people's pics etc, and a friend on there (quite distant, more a friend of a friend) has just posted holiday pics. She's about 20weeks, and only started trying in June so fell really quickly. I've known for a while, but this is the first time I've seen pics of her and it really upset me - silly as I know other people who are pg and it didn't upset me.

Just want to stamp my feet and cry image TTC is so bloody hard sometimes!!



  • aww hun sending big hugs, its pants isnt it. even though you are happy for friends and family it doesnt stop you wishing it was you. sending lots of love and hugs and hope you feel better soon.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh honey, im so sorry. There is nothing i can say or do to make you feel better as we all feel like that sometimes. Maybe you could just indulge it and sit with a bar of choc or something..i know it doesnt compare but just do whatever you want.

    I normally sit with crisps and a period drama!
  • Oh Fergy - hugs for you. I think the best way to deal with these feelings is accept you have them. If you try to fight it, it makes it worse. It isn't silly, it's natural. Seeing something is very different from hearing about it. It is bound to be upsetting when you want something badly and someone else appears to have what you want. You will be pregnant soon, good luck!
  • hi hun, It's not easy, but remember the old saying, all good things come to those who wait! Zxx
  • thanks girls, its lovely to have your support (though am perhaps closer to tears reading your lovely messages!)

    I'm off to have a nice shower and maybe a nice surprise for hubby!! (sorry, tmi.....)

  • We don't by chance have the same distant friend do we?! Ive just logged on facebook and my friend who I havent seen for 4 years has updated her status saying she has been maternity clothes shopping for her growing bump. I am getting so upset and frustrated now I just said to hubby 'God even she is pregnant now!' - Really didnt mean it to sound harsh but it seems everyone I know is pregnant apart from me.

    I never thought ttc would make me so upset, frustrated, jealous and obsessed :cry:
  • i know its hard hun im having a bad day myself, just think that will be u one day. all of us. bumpalicious! hugs babe xx
  • I've just been on FB to see a friend has her scan tomorrow and doesn't know whether to find out the sex or not.

    She only decided to have her 2nd after seeing my sis with her newborn and fell first month trying.

    My sister got pregnant 3 months after we started TTC :cry:

    Life is a bitch! But my turn will come one day and when it does I will enjoy every single second image xx
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