How much exercise is everyone doing when they're ttc?

Just wondered because I probably don't do enough but the doctor I asked about missing AF reckoned you could do so much exercise your periods stop. Surely that's for professional athletes and marathon runners though?

I can't imagine my three times a week dance class could have that much effect!

Is anyone else doing much/some/no exercise?


  • i still go out for a run every couple of days like what i used to do before ttc, am sure your gp is talking about people that do excessive exercise xx
  • I thought so - and I def didn't recognise myself in that description (I write that as I shovel more ice cream into my mouth, topped off with cake - a distinctly un-athletic snack!).

    Think I read somewhere that a bit of exercise might help ttc but can't remember a) where and b) why, so that's pretty useless....
  • funny you should say that, ive not eaten tonight as ive stuffed myself with sweets and rubbish that im not hungry yet!
    if exercise does make you concieve, i might take up the idea of being a marathon runner!!!!!! x
  • excellent st b! and it worked for you xxx
  • Well, I'm obviously doing the bedroom Olympics (maybe I'll be picked for this summer's squad?) to the extent I have a sore thigh (TMI).

    But Cosmic Girl, I know that feeling.... I nearly (note 'nearly' not 'actually') skipped lunch today after absent-mindedly eating half a tube of Pringles as I pondered my work.

    Better get back to the BD to work them off....
  • we had better get on with the bedroom olympics as you put it, infact thats going to be my new name for it, i like it! think i will need the olympics for what ive eaten. xx
  • You can call it all sorts of names depending on the 'event' e.g. a quickie is the 100m. A saucy one is the shot put but that's no good for babymaking (tmi). Me on top: long jump. Racing around doing it: hurdles. Big long session: 1500m. Lots of positions in one go: the triathlon or indeed heptathlon if we're really mixing it up. Legs over head: gymnastics.

    The list is endless!

  • oh my god, i will never remember all of those!!
  • lol flush, you've obviously given it a lot of thought. x
  • think there has been more than thought done!
  • it's tiring me out just the thought of it....cocoa anyone?
  • Thanks. I obviously don't do the full track and field every day! The Olympics last weeks, you know....

    Glad I've given you all visions. Just hope no-one had nightmares.
  • well you lot just cheered me up !!! very funny x
  • Its got me wracking my brains for more events. Any ideas, anyone?

    I suppose I should be concentrating on the swimming part...
  • shame the sack race isnt part of the olympics, javelin crossed my mind but that sounds too painful, lol !
  • Ouch!

    Back stroke sounds pleasanter...
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