How long did you wait?

After you first baby to start trying for another one?
I'm sooo broody, but Nonny is only 3 months old! How long does it take your body to recover from previous pregnancies?


  • go for it hun my friend only had 11 months between her kids my kids where 13 months apart so my newborn was only 4 months when i got pregnant with mine good luck x x x
  • Hello Jakki

    I have only 15 months between my children so got pregnant when mine was 6 months. I think I got prgnant too quickly, but only because I had an emergency caesarean and I don't think I allowed my body to recover in between. A small age gap is hard work but very rewarding when you see them playing together as friends. Good luck with whatever you decide. P.S. I had to deal with some cutting remarks from other people, just do what you feel is right xx
  • Thanks guys, It's so nice to get advice from people who don't judge. xxx
  • i had my 4 kids between the age of 17 to 22 and i had 4 c sections take no notice of anyone else its your body and up to you i am now ttc after a m/c in jan good luck love anita x x x
  • Hi!

    I have 10 month old twins and am expecting another baby around about their 1st birthday! The pregnancy was a complete accident and at 1st I was devastated as i had an emergency c-section at 32 weeks with the twins and has vowed to have no more!

    We're looking forward to the birth now, although my ceasarean scar is extremely painful with being stretched so early! I have found people to be really judgemental as well, inferring that i won't be able to manage with 3 children. What do they know?!!

    I think the decision is completely down to you and your partner, no1 else knows if you're ready or not!
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