Can a test result change a day later?...

Evening, me again lol

I got a BFN today with CB, and due my period over the next few days (she better stay away!! lol)
Does anyone know if u can get a BFN one day then a BFP the next?

Im trying not to give up hope yet lol xx


  • I don't see why not, although the hcg doubles every 48 hours so more likely would change over a couple of days.

    Hang on to that pma MrsJ !!! Xxxx
  • I am trying Lambchop and u are helping me image xx
  • I am trying Lambchop and u are helping me image xx
  • it could,

    one moring you may not have enough HCG to get the dye to come up but the next day you may have just enough to get a result

    good luck x

  • I keep having pma wobbles myself too, the 2ww is just a nightmare. In some ways I think month 1 ttc is harder as my expectations are so high.
  • Yes i agree Lambchop, especially as i fell preg in 1st month with Jaimi-Lee, ive already told hubby that if im not preg 1st month this time then hes useless to me!! LMAO!! x
  • yep this can happen. i tested every day from the saturday and got negs until the tuesday when i got a very faint but def pink positive :\)
  • Oh so if i tested today it might be a better result than yesterday? mmm, i dunno wether to try again today or not. Period due today or 2moro, no sign yet, mmm xx
  • G/C just to say that i got a neg on FR at 6 am on the wed morn then the thurs afternoon at 3pm got a very clear pos! Good luck!

    Annette 17+5 x

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  • Thanks kylesmum! xx
  • Yes i'm sure you'll see the difference, if you think about it, for every day you're not pregnant you'll get a negative so it must change literally overnight however faint until your body realises its pregnant. Good luck.
  • Well ive just tested and stil bfn image
    Im due period today or tomorrow so maybe shes on her way image x
  • mrsj im thinking things look good for you even though the bfn.
    fingers crossed. it aint over til she arrives!

    im still waiting!! bfns galore..... although not tested since sat, im on cd31 today and no sign! ive been getting some cramps a couple of times a day over the last week so im confused!!

  • Sweetassugar,.... GET TESTING!! lol!!

  • haha i know..... im scared too though!
    i only have 1 hpt left and gonna try to wait til wed..... cos if i amthat will be 4+6 (yeh ive counted image ) and thats when i got a BFP with my lil lady! or i may wait til fri cos that will be CD35 and the longest ive had since i started charting them about 3 years ago!

  • Sweetassugar, you are a stronger lady than I holding out before you test ! I'm cd29, 9dpo and dying to test already !!!
  • Ive tested nearly every day this week!! lmao!! x
  • I did 2 or 3 tesco tests all BFN. Left one on the window sill and hubby looked at it ages later and there was a faint line. I was a bit nah, it's cos I left it so long but later that day I bought a FR to shut hubby up and it was BFP! Don't give up till AF arrives. xxx
  • Aww thanks Jellyfishpink, AF still not arrived, i usually wake up in the morning and its started but no sign yet and i was due yesterday-today, If no sign tomorrow i will test in the morning again, but it may just be late x
  • Sounds promising Mrs J!!! Fingers crossed xxx
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