Need you all to say a prayer for me!


Ok im booked in for a lap and dye 31st July. Well today the hospital rang and said they have a cancelation for Thursday (Yes this Thursday) So after running about stupid trying to find someone to work for me my only other problem is my af is due between Thursday and anytime next week. So I need you all to say a prayer for me and hope that she doesnt appear early or on thursday otherwise thats it and im in the same situation for the 31July my Af will be due round about that time.

Bloody bodies why cant they be simply and do what they are suppose to do.

Also if there is anybody that has had the lap and dye done can you tell me how long you took off work?

Thanks Girls.

Jen xx


  • oooh honey best of luck got my fingers crossed 4 u that the biatch doesn't arrive. xxx
  • Oh good luck, I will keep everything crossed for you.
  • Hi Jen, I hope AF doesn't arrive, I think once you know its going ahead and you are sure you want to go through with it you just want it done and out of the way!! I had my lap and dye done on Tuesday last week but I also had a hysteroscopy, I went back to work today and am feeling pretty good physically. I was advised to take a week off which I did, I am feeling bloated at the moment but okay.You may find you only need a few days off.You take care and I am thinking of you and hope everything goes smoothly x
  • good luck hun my fingers are crossed and i hope everything goes ok xxxxxx
  • Good luck hun, hope it all goes smoothly and af does not arrive this week xxx
  • Have my fingers crossed for you lovely!
  • Hi Ladies

    Thanks it means alot. Want a laugh, my oh thinks il be fine by Thursday night and will be back to work Friday. (MEN!)

    Hope4abambino - Did you get your results there and then?

    jen xx

  • Oh hun, just seen this!!!! Good luck ive got everything crossed for u...looks like its gun a be a wk for both of us...i have hospital 2morrow...eekk!!!! xxxxxx
  • Good luck hun xx
  • HI Jen- really glad to hear you've got a cancellation. When I had this done I needed a few days but that was to get over the anaesthetic- my tummy was fine!
    Best of luck xxxxxx
  • Hi Jen glad you got a cancellation. Good luck hope it all goes well Xxx
  • Thanks i love you girlies. xx
  • good luck hun and sending vibes to the witch to stay away. Dont think it takes many days to recover, friends have returned to work within few days. Take care
    Filo x
  • good luck. hope she stays away for
  • Good luck, fingers crossed she'll stay away
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