does anyone have endometriosis?

hi everyone, just wanted to pick the brains of anyone who has endometriosis.

i had my last proper period on 7 June, then on 2 july i had pink discharge for 2 days like only a teaspoon a day.

my cycles are around 35 days althoguh sometimes alittle irregular.

ever since my period was due (and didnt arrive) ive had cramp, like period pain, especially at my right (ovary) area, and lower back, it is especially sore in my lower abck at the same side.

various preg tests have been negative nd ive been testing with super strong 10mlu ebay ones.

i am just wondering if what i have been experiencing sounds like i might have endometriosis?

the pain is in no way unbareable, but ive NEVER had this before, ive ever had period pains for almost a whole month. normally only first day of period and thats it.

also for around 2 -3 weeks i have been unable to get past lunchtime without a sleep, yesterday i got up at 8ish and slept for 4 HOURS after lunch, and this is fairly typical of each day.

i had a diabetes test last week which was negative.

can anyone help? i have a docs appt on 3rd august, earliest i could get, so just wondered if anyone could fill me in before then thanks x

i forgot to add i have had really sore (.)(.), like cant even brish past thiem without flinching! hence why at first i got my hopes up think ing i could be preg, b ut it def would have showed up by now.

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