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looks like af arrived 8 days early!!

hi all my af was not due til next fri but have started bleeding. really pissed off as been trying since april after i had mmc.
why can things not be easy!!
love to all and good luck.
becs x


  • hi becs sorry the witch got you. this ttc is so hard.we have been trying since feels like forever!! Gayle xx
  • Hi becs, sorry to hear the news. Is it full on af? Or could it be implantation? Good luck xxxxx
  • hi thanks for replies def think its af but will see if it gets heavier tmi!!
    becsx xx
  • Hi becs, im thinking the same is it like a normal period or lighter as it sounds bang on when implantation wud be, has ur af been on time b4 now? Soz if it is af tho hun, its so annoying isnt it, how many months have u been ttc????? kim xxxxx
  • hi no never been this early ,but think might be still messed up since mmc in april, but had been quite regular after it. will let you know what happens .
    love becs xx
  • hi kim it seems to be like af but then not too sure. have been trying since april after mmc the last time only took 2 months after coming of pill, thought it would be quick again this time. becs xx
  • Good luck! Keep us updated xxxxx
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