AF is officially late...

Well i know I ov'd on 4th May as had a positive opk - and no mistaking it, was very very dark!
Therefore a 14 day LP should have been yesterday, and my cycle lengths should have been monday... spoke to hubby this morning ( was away last night) and we're testing in the morning.

No real symptoms except for aching boobs and sensitive nipples, hungry as anything and very tired - though lo hasn't been sleeping very well so have so far put the tiredness down to that, and the hunger down to being tired....

Really excited!! Don't want to get my hopes up as we only BD'd once the night I got the positive opk and then I came down with flu. What is the longest an LP can be before there might be problems? I know if its less than 10 days, but whats the maximum? I don't think its that as I already have a lo, and never have long cycles (normally 25 days) but just wondered....

Going out to buy a couple of clearblue this afternoon... wish me luck for tomorrow!! :\)


  • Good luck hun and well done on holding off testing.
  • Hi Garfield, Not sure about the LP but just wanted to say good luck. :\)

  • wishng you the very best of luck chick xx
  • No idea re your question hun - I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow!

  • Can't answer your question hun but wanted to wish you luck.

    Hopefully we'll see you in DIJ!
  • Ooh how exciting!!!

    Just to let you know we only did it once too the day before the pos ov stick!!! Lol

    good luck fir tomorrow hope to see you in dij!!

    X x
  • wishing u the best of luck for tmw xx
  • Thanks ladies!! Sooo tempted to do it now but have promised dh I'll wait for him to be there. Plus know it might not show without fmu this early.

    He's just sent me an e-mail saying he's really excited, so hope I haven't got his hopes up for nothing!! He said he's already wondering if its a boy or girl image I haven't even tested yet! Lol.

    Bought a cb...can't wait!! My mam just came round to say hi and I had to try and keep the smile off my face as don't want her to know yet. image
  • awww chick your def allowed to be excited tho,cant be miserable knowing you might have a bean inside you image

    everything crossed xx
  • Aww, fingers crossed for you hon - your willpower is obvisouly stronger than mine!

    Hannah xx
  • LMAO ... littlewolf that REALLY made me smile!!

    I'm trying my best to avoid testing early this week ...and having to tear myself away from the front door of SD every evening on the way home lol

  • I'm really excited for you, but you have to remember that being ill can mess up your cycles. Hopefully it is a BFP!

  • Haha, Littlewolf that's great! image
    I'd thought af was coming as I'd had to start washing my hair more often which is typical for af, and as only bd'd once I didn't think we'd done it this month - but no other signs of af at all, and I had greasy hair at the beginning of my first pg as well, so could be either!!

    I think I've been very good image especially as I live a 5 min walk from tesco so I could have tested and replaced the test without dh knowing! :lol:
    Tomorrow cannot come soon enough... then I can widdle away! :lol:

    Grudie, I love your pic!! xx
  • Good luck Garfield, well done for waiting so long! x
  • garfield! I am in awe of you for holding out!
    fingers crossed for the mornin!!!
  • Good Luck for tomorrow! I admire your self control for not testing earrly! Fingers are crossed for you!
  • Ooh good luck chick - I remember when I got preg with ds it was the month we only bd'd once so it proves that just that one time can do it!
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