Well have you tested yet ?


  • hello yes i have but only a strip one came back neg, bit p'd off xx got to go boots in a bit, little reluctant to do it, even more dissapointment?
  • Oh you poor thing. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. You can also get an extra sensitive first responce where you can test upto 6 days early.
  • theres a faint line on it now? but isnt as dark as the neg line? infact its barely there..maybe its just like a water line or something?
  • PG tests don't have to be as dark as the control line. When I got my bfp the line was barely barely there. Get a ClearBlue Digital. Then there's no doubt!
  • i am going to get one today just a bit apprehensive it isnt going to say what i want it to say xx
  • ooh a lines a line(unless an evap, which hapens after test time is up). Fingers crossed for later.
  • i agree with the others - a line is a line, sounds good, hope it is a very clear answer later!!
  • Definately if you got even a faint line don't give up hope yet. Re test later and I hope you get your bfp. Just remember stay positive and if it comes to it there is always next month!! Sending you lots of pma and baby dust. xxx
  • thank you i am off now speak later will let you all know xx
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