Isn't a terror how your body plays tricks on you? UPDATE?

Im on CD2 & have classic pg symptoms even a couple I didn't know were symptoms (marked with *) until I stumbled upon a website last night here they are:-

Peeing a lot
Some days way more tired than usual
Sore & heavy (.)(.)
* Headaches
Teary & emotional I watched Elf yesterday with my kids & I balled my eyes out at the end FFS its not even sad!
Crampy & have been since shortly after OV which is unusual
Skin is clearing up which happened with all 3 of my babies & usually with AF I get new spots
Suddenly not a great fan of coffee which I drink all the time, gone back to tea
Cravings - OMG bacon sandwiches & toad in the hole I just HAD to have I swear to god I was drooling!!!
*Pimples around nipple area - apparently these are much more noticeable in early pregnancy, I thought there was something wrong with me never noticed them before even had OH have a look who promptly said errr whats them?!!
Nausea - woke up this morning feeling really sick worn off a bit but still feel a big dodge ??????

All very strange also had this dream that I re-took a HPT & got a BFP even though bleeding, so thought bugger it & done another ebay cheapie this am but no- BFN.

Just proves to me that SS is a waste of bloody time & energy!!


OMG bleeding has nearly stopped very very light? :\? have only had liners on & only to be fresh changed, but would not be near filled even 1 & now nearly stopped altogether WTF?? does anyone think i got a dodgy batch of ebay cheapies? have not used any other tests? would ya waste a FR or wait & see?

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  • That is very strange, how heavy is your bleed?
    It might be worth doing another test tomorrow??
    It isn't unheard of for ladies to have their af but be pg.
    Keep us updated, take care.
  • Hi meem,

    thanks for your reply.

    its not heavy a panty liner would do, enough not to be spotting & red red, but not full flow either, but then CD2 i wouldnt normally be very heavy anyway. Even if its not AF & some other kind of bleed then AF was due today or tomorrow so i would think that with FMU i would have gotten a +ve today & they the ebay 10miu ones so really sensitive. Maybe if AF doesnt get any heavier tomorrow i'll use my FR.

    I really dont think i am though, just strange how pg symptoms are so close to AF ones!!

  • Hey Katyjo
    I'm now CD12 and last month we really though we'd done it. Tried a few HPT all BFN and AF was late but then eventually showed up 2 days late. This month though I still have PG like syptoms too.
    Could cry at the drop of a hat
    Crampy feelings, really bad
    Tender Boobs
    Spots near my nipples
    Peeing all the time (usually I could hold for hours, we don't have a very nice toilet at work but I'm having to use it all the time)
    I'm so tired
    And headaches
    I have absolutely no PMA this month but every now and then I imagine what if it was all wrong last month and I am actually PG.
    Also been having dreams like you.
    Take care and keep us posted. x
  • Hi Torp,

    gosh im not alone then!! what was your AF like last month was it as normal or lighter?

    I really feel like poo today sicky feeling in my tummy all morning didnt even go for tea break which is soooo unlike me i live for my mid morning caffine fix!

    when are you due to test? did you use cheapies last month or a proper one?

    sorry for all the Q's hon!

  • AF was lighter than normal and lasted 1 full day and a wee bit of the next then a small bleed the next day. like you I've felt like crap for about 3 weeks now. Had the weirdest craving for meat, been drinking bovril just to get the taste.
    I've been playing this month like a normal month, so if that is the case then I'd be OVing about now so a couple of weeks before I'm due 2 test again. was cheapies I used cos i thought they were meant to be reliable. was about to buy a FR when what i think was my AF came on.
    not too sure what to think now. good luck. keep us posted. x
  • OMG Torp bovril!

    ive just read the neg feedback from the ebay seller of my tests & one said got her friend to POAS & got neg but 3 months pregnant, another tested daily for 2 weeks neg results but clear blue said +5weeks!! another lady 8 weeks gone still getting BFN.
    will test in morning on FR flow getting lighter & (.)(.) really sore this evening, also fell asleep on couch this eve, which never happens to me.

    will keep you posted & you do too!


  • Just noticed this thread hun, this is sounding promising!!! I hope u get a BFP and we'll be 2gether!! xx
  • me too wigz but dont like the bleeding if i do :cry: will send ya message in the morning hon. x

  • Everything crossed for you K.
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
  • thank you girls thats sweet.

    FR says BFN but im glad cause as i said the bleeding may not have been good even though i know its common in early pg, ive already had a threatened mc with my lo & bleeding with ectopic last year i could not go through that again :cry:

    Onwards & upwards shall take a wee break as eurodisney in 4 weeks
    Woohoo!!!! image image image image image

    thanks again for your kind words ladies image & best of luck to us all!!

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