Having to wait to TTC for a bit

Hi Girls,

Hope everyone is well today and feeling positive. :\)

Unfortunately we are having to put ttc on hold for a bit now due to my current work situation. :cry:
I am in a fixed term contract which was told would go permanent soon but I've had a further update to say its looking more difficult to get this through because of the recession which means its more difficult to keep people on. They've not said it won't happen but they looked worried.

I'm a bit gutted because I really love my job although the commute to London is very long and also because it means I might be out of a job if we got PG now or in a new one where it is too early to qualify for maternity pay. I know i could still get maternity allowance but given my salary the allowance would mean I could afford far less time on leave with baby. :cry:
It may sounds greedy or selfish but obviously we all rely on what we earn at the moment and our mortgage, bills etc are all based on this.
We are also paying off a lot of debt we got into because during the run up to our wedding last year I got ill with Endometriosis (again) which resulted in surgery and lost earnings as I was sick for some time. So things are tight even with me working. It is also the reason I left my last job for this one as I had a high sickness record and they weren't sympathetic.

I am a little worried what will happen with my Endometriosis now I have come off the pill but I'm trying to stay +ve and not dwell on what 'might' happen.
My plan has to be to secure a decent permanent job so that I can support any baby we end up conceiving in the future. otherwise I will feel guilty and we'll really struggle. I'm trying to see this as an 'opportunity' to find a good job closer to home for when I become a Mummy but have to admit I am dreading having to start all over again in another job so soon.

You never know my current job might work out or I may be lucky and find somthing better and closer to home?

Wishing everyone here lots of luck with ttc and I hope you will all be moved to pregnancy when I return. image
I'll probably pop in to see how everyone is but for now good luck and thanks to everyone for the advice given to me. xxxxx

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  • ah Hope all goes well for you chick and you get more stability on the job front soon xx
    Def keep coming on here, even if its just for quick chats every now and then! xx
  • sorry to hear your situation, I also moved from trying to planning as hubby faced redundancy and financially we would have struggled. we had only been trying march and april and I was gutted like you. on a positive note, he has now been in a new role for the past 6 weeks, which is at less risk and is a nice payrise. we were going to wait until I found a new job as I dont enjoy my current job, but have decided to go back to ttc from next month! hope everything works out quickly for u x
  • Hey Robin, just wanted to say good luck! It is really important to feel you have a security and stability in your life and if that means putting ttc on hold for a bit I think it is a wise decission..
    Hope it all works out well for you with the job and your health..
    Pop in here sometimes, and hopefully you'll be back before too long image

  • Thanks girlies.
    I will definitely keep popping in to see how everyone is doing.
    We are a bit gutted but it should make things easier once we ttc again if we are less stressed with work.
    So excited: I hope things work out for you now you're back.

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