katie price.. who cares what she did next!!!


It may seem really really silly but katie price is really starting to get on my nerves!!
Am i the only person who feels this way!!
We no what she did next as it is in the papers every day so she's cashing in even more!!
Lets hope Alex realises she's using him too and gets rid ASAP!!

grrrrrrrr rant over!!!

anyone else dislike her??



  • who cares what she did next..... NOT ME!!

    I kinda like her but now I just think enough is enough lol xx
  • Can't stand the b*tch. She's a terrible mother who doesn't deserve those kids. Grrr, don't get me started on her!!

    Don't give a fig what she does next, but really hope she doesn't curse another child with her as a parent...
  • she's just too out there!! has she never heard of the word privacy!!
    she's just toooooo much!!

  • i used to like her in a way but i have gone right off her,and im not the gawp at celeb type of person a soap to me is doctors in the afternoon :lol:

  • i totally agree garfield!! She is just dreadful!!
    She wasn't too bad when she was with Peter but i always thought she was a right cowbag to him!!
    He totally improved her credibilty and now she just comes across as a skank!! you really wouldn't think she had kids the way she prances off to vegas and here there and everywhere!!! silly cow!! sorry getting on my horse again!!!
  • Don't worry I completely agree Mrs JC!! We can ride the high horse together! image

    If she cared half as much about those kids as she does about herself she would be a wonderful mother...as it is she has no love left over for them after admiring her own worthless plastic body... grrrr!
  • lol!! too true!!!
    I feel really pathetic moaning about this stupid woman but it really does get my goat!!

    I'm not normally this sad! lol!!!
  • We all need to blow off steam and have a rant about something, might as well be KP! It's daft how something so trivial can annoy you so much isn't it?! Hmmm, sounds a bit like my MIL!! :lol:
  • my mil is a gem its my mum that makes me riled!! silly woman!!!
    if my hubby was here he would of got the brunt of it!! he would prob of laughed and called me a sado!! ha ha!! happy thoughts now though!!!

    where are you in your cycle! i am on cd 22, not sure when i ov and only had coil out almost 4 weeks ago so should be due next week if i have a 28 day cycle!! v v confusing!!

  • Christ on a bike I cannot stand that woman!! DH says (and I wholeheartedly agree) that its disgusting the way she treats people. Saw on sky news today a picture of her 2 year old daughter with full make up and false lashes! Wish she would go away...
  • Oooh, I'll swap my MIL for yours?!?! I call mine the dragon...and almost have to her face as well, oops!

    My cycle got a bit screwed up this month, was 5 days late so only on CD...erm...hang on whats the date today...hmmm...CD5 (sorry its been a long day!) I'm normally a regular 25 day cycle but after this month not so sure of anything anymore! Still waiting for AF pains to leave me despite that AF has left! Grrrr!

    I know when I ov each month but have bought therm etc to pinpoint it exactly...meant to be waiting until May but keep changing our minds!! So broody!! LO is teething so you'd think it would put me off - he's cutting 5 at once!!) image
  • 5 at once crikey!!! poor little thing!!
    We have a 5 year old so you would think that i would want my life back now he's at school but no i am the most broody i have ever been!!
    I look after my friends little 2 year old girl one day a week and when she is poorly she gets a bit grumpy but that still doesn't put me off!!

  • Yeah he's not very happy bless him! Not a lot I can do for him either with 5 of them!

    I have a friend with an 8 month old, and 2 friends about to have babies so very broody here! Think I can feel my decision to wait til May wavering...again...
  • why not try the not being careful see what happens approach secretly!!!
    We've had a baby boom at our sons school 3 mum in the last 8 weeks have had babies!! soooo cute. all boys too!!

  • Haha, that approach last time lead to JD being born! But yeah, definately worth a try!

    3 boys! Cor, you need to have a girl then otherwise the classes will be lopsided!
  • thats my plan!! have upped my calcium intake to see if this will help!! lol!!
    hubby would love a daughter! he has an older son who is 15 and our boy so a girl is def what he wants!!!
  • Back to KP a minute; just read your post Plumduff, I read about the daughter being 'done up' but havent seen a pic - was it really as bad as I'm imagining?!

    No wonder Pete went mad!! Who the hell could do that do a little girl?! :evil:
  • i haven't seen the pic!! that is wrong!!
    my lo had is valentines disco earlier and there was a girl there who is 4/5 and she had full makeup on a short dress and high heels! she looked like a teenager! her mum had actually done it for her!!

    grrrrrr KP !!!
  • I have no idea how to put a pic up but here, go to this...
    http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=1010897 and you'll see a pic.

    It's horrible!!
    And can't believe that mother at the disco would do that! What a great advert to the kiddy fiddlers...can't spell the P word!
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