Advice needed please girlies x

Hi Girls,

I am on CD26, and today i have had a bit of brown discharge, not a lot, just visible enough on the loo roll to see.

Last month was the first time in 2 years i had af, and all this month i have taken OV tests but to get not one positive result. :cry:

What do you think this brown stuff is? Could it be another af getting ready to visit, or could it be something more exciting? I have been feeling terrible all week, and soooooooo tired! Totally not building up my hopes as i always get so upset when it is negitive.

Your advice is always much appreciated.



  • hmm month before last I had that before af came, but it could also be implantation bleeding!
  • Oh really hope its implantation and not the witch on her way! But at least if it is af, you can console yourself with the fact that your cycles seem to be settling after 2yrs. Good luck, and keep us updated! ************************babydust********************* x

  • Thanks so much girls! Because i have been out of the game for so long, i didn't know when i was OV and this discharge stuff confused me.

    We have been bd'ing ALOT recently, to the point where my hubby 2b can hardly get about :lol:

    Fingers crossed! At least if it is af then i know it's getting back to normal, but if it is something else, then oh my word..... how amazing.

    Knowing my luck though it'll be af and it'll be a bad one :evil:

  • Awww tiny. t, i really hope that this all leads to something wonderful for you, im keeping everything crossed for you. xxxx
  • Thank you so much debbie, that means a lot to me! x x x x
  • Your very welcome hun, uve waited long enough so now its your turn xxxx
  • Keeping fingers crossed its the sign of something good!

    Less excitingly, I had a little bled after too much BDing had made me a bit sore...!
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