BFN and then af arrived

After a whole week of nasty af pain and cramps, severe tiredness, waves of nausea, tears during films i would normally laugh at the witch arrived. I'm not as upset about getting a bfn as I am cross with my bloody body for giving me so much jip since ttc. I never had this before, just a day of slight dull ache before af arrived if that. Now I spend at least a week feeling really s**t and still end up with a BFN :evil:

Am going off for a little cry now :cry: but will be back later with renewed pma to try again for next month (hopefully)


p.s. Someone get a bfp soon to cheer me up


  • Oh I am sorry dg ((((HUGS)))). I have found this too, you get symptoms you never had before ttc. Sending you loads of pma-you WILL get a bfp next month!!
  • Thanks hjanea. Feeling a bit better already. Hope your 2ww is going ok.
  • Day 3 today-only 11 more to go!!! I'm determined not to struggle with heavy men tomorrow at work(I'm a nurse!!!) in case it may affect implantation!!
    Look after yourself today if you're feeling crap.xx
  • No work for me today (I'm a supply teacher and most schools are having an inset around here) so I'll do some gardening as its nice weather. And spend the day looking forward to a bottle of nice cider I bought myself the other day!!!
  • You can join me and the others going into June! June is our month! I came off the pill end of March, and haven't had so many symptoms in my life!

    I had a break years and years ago, and don't remember having any of the stuff I got on the 2ww!

    Our bodies can be cruel. Re-build that PMA, and we'll keep our fingers crossed for June! xx
  • Enjoy your gardening and cider. I shall be gardening this afternoon whilst lo at nursery. Was going to do it yesterday but no fun in waterproofs!!!
  • Sorry to hear that she got you dg enjoy your cider and fingers crossed June will be your month xxx
  • Sorry AF arrived - sending you hugs and PMA for next month

    Mandy x
  • sorry to hear she arrived. but i'm sending you lots of PMA and babydust for June. stay positive!!!!!!! xxxxxx
  • am sorry to here that darlin , but your month will come am on month 1 of ttc after miscarrage and i want it so much evn thought i knowits not goin 2 happen this month theres always something in the back of your mind telling yu it could be it .. lots of baby dust x
  • Thanks everyone. Feeling much better this pm and looking forward to lots of bd once af has gone!!!! (sorry tmi!!)
  • Nasty, nasty af, next time send her to me hunny and il keep her away for the next 8 months!!! P.s was guna ask if your on fb image x
  • if fb means facebook then no i'm not. Never used internet for chatting to people before but i'm starting to quite like it!!! Think for now just one addictive site is enough. I'd never get anything done!!!
  • I agree with you, I sit here doing this when I have loads of stuff to and then wonder why I have no time!! How can anyone cope with any more places to chat online?!?
  • Aw sorry the witch found you. Someone really needs to catch hold of her and chuck her down a deep well! With a ton of bricks tied around her! Good luck for next month. Get lots of lovely summer bd'g done and Im sure it will be your month! xx
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