BFN but doc says could still be but in pain is it normal??

am 10 days late done 2 tests BFN but went to docs said i could be a BFP as unusual to be this late.
done urine test but gotta wait 3 days for results!!

but last night a dull pain started on right side now pain moving up to below ribs feels like i have overstretched so uncomfortable and achy but havent done anything to be over stretching

what do i do doctors are full is this normal pregnancy pains??


  • it is unusual for a doc to say you could be when tests are negative, thier urine tests are the same if not less sensitive than ones on the market, my AF was 5 weeks late and my tests were BFN, the doc told me to come back in 3 months if she had not arrived, but she did eventually

    i think if he thinks you are pregnant you need a blood test to assess your beta HCG x
  • thank you Piggypops.
    i'm just concerned witht the pain im in ur head just goes into overdrive keep reading about being eptopic!!
    Doc said test is alittle more sensitive but agree with u wish he had taken a blood test he said he would do that next!!! but go on hols next week so he said persume u are but am really wanting to take some paracetomol!
  • i would say if you are in a lot of pain ie paracetamol isnt working, maybe take a trip to a walk in clinic or a and e, they might do bloods while your thier,
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