What is the matter with them? My oh made me feel about *this* big last night when I tried to come onto him. I haven't told him about when I am ov'ing or anything, just making sure we get plenty in around the right time, plus the sunshine yesterday had made me a bit frisky anyway. So I tried my best to get him in the mood last nigt and he just patted my hand and said 'give it a rest, I'm not in the mood' and turned around and went to sleep.
I felt like a right idiot and yesterday was my forecasted day of OV. Gaaaaaaah!


  • Ha ha sorry I'm not laughing at you but my OH is EXACTLY the same!! yet if it's him wanting a bit I daren't turn him down (even if I don't feel like it!) He makes me feel like I'm nothing when he turns me down, i'm getting used to it now and have realised not to take it personally, he gets really tired with his job and he hates been 'fussed' over when he's like that
  • LOL. They really dont have a clue do they?? Then again i can remember doing something similar to my oh on many occasions when weve not been ttc. If you bd the day before you should be ok hun. xxx
  • We did bd on monday night and I went straight to sleep afterwards, so they'd have had plenty of time to reach their destination! I'm not so bothered about the timing of it, it's just a bit of a bruised ego really.
  • i would actually KILL my husband if he ever did that to me....hehe, unfortunately for him i never instigate it and he is always up for it, maybe coz we are 22 and he had the highest libido on the planet im not sure but i can never fail to get sex out of him, he is so pathetic, all i have to do id walk in front of him in french knickers and iv got him right whete i want him !!! tee hee! xx
  • He, he @ melissa86! Men just cant resist most of the time!! lol. xxx
  • Men are horribly predictable aren't they.
    Unfortunately once you have a lo it's not quite as simple as it used to be...
  • I have to say im pretty lucky i just have to say fancy abit and my hubbys up the stairs b4 i reached the 1st step!
    We do have a very close relationship all round which i love cos ex was soooo awful not loving or gentle in anyway, just controlling and more interested in his mates than me.So i guess i am very lucky and this month gunna make sure theres plenty of bd ing at the right time!
  • dont tell me itll change after preg as im sure knowing me itll be then that il want it and he wont, he will be too tired from all the running around il be making him do!! hehe!
  • You have to expect things to change for a bit, but you can get things back if you really want to. We manage it 4-5 times a week, which I don't think's too bad with a 5 year old about!
  • This is so funny my h2b is the same. If I come onto him he's too tired or ignores me but god forbid I turn him down. Its one of those annoying things when I want it he doesnt and visa versa!!! xxx

  • oh i wont wana be having the old rumpy pumpy when iv just given birth!!! i think il have to put a hold on that for 6 weeks at least!!! il need to get my strength up!!!!
    and i think once a week would be amazing with a 5 year old!!!!! wel done to you!
  • That's a fab amount considering you've got a LO.

    To cheer you up, the other night I was trying to persuade my oh to have sex again (we'd done it earlier but I felt very much in the mood), wandering around in the nude. He just said "Put on your PJs, you silly sausage; you'll get cold!"

    ARGHHHHHH. So, yes bruised ego. Painful but not fatal. x
  • 'silly sausage' - guaranteed to kill your passion, it's what my dad calls me!
    Oh well, at least I didn't go too ott, worse to be turned down when you're in your full stockings and pushup bra get-up.
  • Exactly!

    But yes, "silly sausage" was NOT the reaction I was after.
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