I havent been on here long, and Ive not posted before...but you ladies seem really lovely and I could do with some advice.
We are on our 2nd month ttc (followed the smep, and used opk). From 8dpo i was tired and feeling sick (I also had this on our 1st month ttc and got a bfn on cd28 - I ovulated on cd14 last month and cd13 this month). This lasted for 4-5 days, since then I have had no symptoms. From cd26 i have felt like af is coming. i tested yesterday (cd29) and the faintest line, it could only be seen in bright light. Im sure I read it within the 10min. Even so, me and hubby werent convinced it 'meant anything'. I tested again today and got another faint line (I am certain it appeared within the 5min as I timed it), and Im sure it is stronger than yesterday as I could see it in normal daylight! Since then I have had really strong feeling af is coming - I always get a grotty headache the day before which has started now, and i had a bit of (sorry if tmi!) light brown/pink discharge (although that seemed to be a one off and Ive had no more at the moment). I really want this to be my bfp, but Im scared to get my hopes up in case af turns up now. My cycles can be irregular (usually 27-29 days, but I do also get 32-34 day cycles sometimes). Any advice would really help. :\?

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  • when i got mine i too felt i was gonna get af but it never came. To me it sounds very positive. I know its hard but its just a waiting game now deci day your hormone levels will rise and line should get darker. Ill whisper congrats good luck x x
  • My doctor told me that most women get all their AF symptoms when there due its just the bodies way of realising its pregnant... and your light bleeding/ spotting is normal too, some women can still get a period.

    Hope this helps xx
  • Sounds very positive! A line is a line afterall! I felt like AF was coming when I got my bfp too, and have heard a lot of ppl say the same.

    Good luck! Xx
  • OOh ive got my fingers crossed for you. Im in exactly the same position as you except im too scared to test yet. i ov'd cd13 and im cd29 now, (16dpo) cycles have varied since coming off the pill in aug- 27, 30, 33, 26 and so im gonna wait til tmw or mon to test. I think it sounds v positive for you- good luck and keep us informed x
  • thanks guys. its just this headache thats bugging me at the moment as its just like the one i get the day before af arrivesimage( I will wait till monday to test again. good luck kaiti b as well-let us know how u get on. xxx
  • I felt like af was coming too. Headaches are also a sign so don't lose hope! What test did you use? Try a first response which are more sensitive. Good luck!
  • Hi hun,

    What dpo are you? (days past ovulation) sounds really positive hun, fingers crossed xx
  • when I got my bfp with my son it felt like af was going to come any second as u get cramps, feel wet down below and generally like u need to check ur pants every 5 mins! :lol:

    it sounds so so positive, and headaches are very very common in early preg because of the hormone rise

    good luck! xx
  • I used tests from this website ( and i have the high sensitivity ones. I do have a FR test which im going to use if/when these ones come out with a stronger line! Im actually on holiday in australia at the moment so its sunday morning now and that makes me 18dpo today (cd31). Allthatglitters - i have that wet feeling-hubby must think im mad running to the loo all the time! Thanks for all ur advice, and roll on monday morning. xx
  • Well done sweetie, a line is a line! Sending you some stickyglue xxx
  • I've felt like af has been coming for weeks, was on pill. No af on break between xmas & ny. Have been having bad cramp everyday only did test 2day. Good lucky hunni
  • A line is a line!!! Congratulations!!! xx
  • Thanks guys. i did another 2 tests this morning. the FR came out with 2 lines right away, the other one was still quite faint, but def. a BFP! im so excited. Good luck to all u and thanks for ur advice image
  • Big congratulations hun!

    Look forward to seeing you in due in sept xx
  • Congratulations hun, enjoy the rest of your holiday xx
  • aww congratulations hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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