wot u lot think............

Hey girls......

im knackered and been cinderella 4 my preg sister allday lol

im CD24 2day and 10DPO i think lol tested yesterday and got a BFN but im thinkin maybe bein 2 early! 2day ive had loads of CM anyone else had this??

im either due on 2moro or wed lol x


  • Increased CM is a brill sign hun. I had none and still got my BFP.
    It may have been too early, what test did you use?
    I would do another test tomorrow or later if you can hold off. HCG levels double every 2 days so shoulf have gone up enough if you are.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • Hiya,

    I got two faint lines on a FR test last Tuesday (CD30) and I have had more CM than usual since a few days before that. Fingers crossed for you hun. xx
  • hey babylove...

    i used a boots own which said use 4days b4 period last months cycle was 25days and moth b4 tht was 29days so not sure when this months is actually coming lol

    but i know i ovuluated around last wed which makes me roughly 10dpo.....im skint till thurs so ill hve 2 wait arghhh!!!! lol xx
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